There are a few polishes I rip out of my stash the moment the sun starts to get out. My criteria are very simple, It needs to glitter in the sun and it needs to look very pretty. I think the above 'combination' does that very much, it somehow reminds me of water when the sun hits it in the summer. It instantly gives me a poolside feeling. But enough blabbering about why I adore this polish combination, read more to see what polishes I used and for more pictures.


What I used

I used to polishes, one of my favorite limited editions from P2. It is from the fly to the moon collection that is sadly enough not sold anymore, perhaps you can find it in a discount bin. The shade is called "turquoise galaxy" and it is a stunning blue green shade. On top I used the very cheap topcoat from essence that is a nailart special topper. It is called 10 glorious aquarius and it is beautiful and very glittery.


Do tell me, what color do you wear on your nails when the sun starts to come out.

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