Today a very short article about an eBay item that many people liked. I showed on my blog and on different sites my eBay haul and most said that the leaf earring was great. Now read more to hear how great it is.

The quality
Let me start with the positive and end negative. I am torn on this thing because some things I like and some things I hate. Lets start with the price you can get this from eBay for $1.22 at this seller. Rather cheep but keep in mind it is only one earring. The earring itself is sturdy and the back is very good. The leaf or piece of stray is very detailed and has a few stones set on it. But that where the only positives of this earring. As I said you only get one of these, if you buy a second one so you can wear them as pair keep in mine that one is upside down. Also as you can see see in my picture it falls very strange, nowhere near how it falls on the model. I also put it in my upper earring hole because with the normal one it looked even stranger.

So to conclude, it is cheap and sort of cute. But I am personally not a fan.
What do you guy things?

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