Swimwear edition!

Finally the sun is out again and I got inspired to go on the hunt for swimwear. Now that got me thinking about trends and how easy it is to 'overpay' here in Holland fringe bikinis are a big hit. You can get them for 20 euros or more but on eBay they are being sold for a fraction of that price. So I made a selection of lovely swimwear that you can order from eBay. A warning before you read more, I really picked a lot of swimwear so it has a lot of pictures from swimsuits to bikinis and from covered to sexy.

Lets start with the ever so popular fringe bikini. That somehow whole Holland wants. It comes in a large selection of colors and is only $9 a piece. So this fringe bikini has a lot of colors. My favorites have to be the lilac, bright blue and dark blue. These colors really hit a home-run for me but this bikini also comes in many other colors by other sellers like this one.

The Stars and stripes bikini is also a very lovely thing to wear this summer. I love how it has a twisted top and for only $8.68 it is a steal.

This bikini is a twist on the strapless fringe bikini with a halter neck. This one is only $12.99 and comes in three shades. My favorite is the bright blue one because it really pops but I can also see the dark purple and lilac being worn a lot.

Neon is one of my favorite trends this summer and this bikini really hits the neon mark. For $9.69 you can get a bright neon bikini. The color is really the stand out on this one and it comes in pink, yellow and green. Now if neon is not your thing you can also order this one in black and white.

And not to repeat myself but yeah fringe. I know a lot of girls do prefer bathing suits of bikinis same goes for  me personally I love a good bathing suit over a bikini. I did fall in love with the fringe bikini but with my cup-size I am sure the top would not stay on for a swim. So I found these bathing suits that combined the fringe with a one piece. I personally adore this one in black but it also looks very nice in taupe or white.

I am not certain but this bikini really reminds me of Victoria's Secret. What really makes this a winner for me is the nautical theme with the little anchor on the top. The bottoms are not really my style but they look decent.

And to keep the VS boat floating I also found this one  that also reminds me of the brand. I love the jeweled tops paired with the bright bottoms that are slightly ruched. All in all a pretty bikini for $19.88.

Next up we have a swimdress, I personally adore the idea of a swimdress. It looks cute and playful and might cover some 'problem' areas. This one for $13.00 is one of my favorites because of the colors. I am really debating to order this one for myself.

This monokini really reminds me of a swimsuit Lauren Conrad wore a few years ago. I think this piece of swimwear is really lovely because it has cups, it looks sexy yet it covers. I think this one really appealing to a lot of people and original enough to stand out even for an all black bathing suit.

This one is cute to a t. This bikini  has a lot of strong points. The ruffles and color being a main part why I like this one. It screams summer, if I had to pick one thing I did not like about this one I would have to say the price. It is not really a budget bikini at $26.00 but still this bikini is very original.

The next swimsuit is a 50/50 for me. I love it but then again I would not buy it. I keep going back and forth between this one because I adore so many things. The color and style are very lovely and it seems very flattering. yet in some pictures it looks off. Especially the placement of the shoulder straps trows me off.

This swimsuit in yellow seems very similar to the Viva La Glam add from Nicki Minaj only I like Nicki's swimsuit a tad more because it has wider straps. Still this one piece is lovely for the summer.

Last but now least I need to show this bathingsuit it reminds me of a tankini or bikini but it is really a one piece. I love the draped effect of the top and how it covers the front and not the back. It is a very lovely color what somehow reminds me of chocolate mint icecream. All in all this is one of my favorites.

So what do you think of this xxl post. Would you wear any of these?
Lots of love

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