Mint, teal and black

If I had a limited fund for making a complete outfit I would really turn to eBay to pick out some nice things. Today I picked out some fine items in teal, mint and black that I really love and remind me of summer. I actually bought a few of these things already and I can not wait for them to arrive. So lets check it out and let me feed your eBay addiction.


Mint watch

Let me start with this amazing watch that I ordered a week ago. The mint colored watch I bought for $2.88 what is round €2.20. It is very cheap for a watch that looks far more expensive. I love how the mint and gold look together. The playful jelly watch paired with the mint and gold makes it suited for many outfits.


Black and mesh

Next up is this lovely mesh bodysuit that has been on my wishlist for months now. With $19.00 it is one of the most expensive things on my wishlist. But it seems perfect for many outfits, paired with jeans or a skirt this would add an edge to many outfits.


Some earrings and a necklace

These earrings that also come in coral are very bohemian chic and again the mint/teal color paired with gold. $5.80 is a tad expensive for eBay jewelry but still is a decent price for some statement earrings. I really think these are perfect for summer, they add a pop of color and seem perfect paired with an up-do.
Next to these earrings we have a necklace  that is also very bohemian. $6.99 for a statement necklace is very normal. The thing that attracted me to this necklace is that it pairs black, teal and cream together in one necklace with a gold chain. I can see this being worn with many simple outfits.


Mini Skirt

Skirts are something I am going for this summer, especially in candy colors. These skirts come in many colors and have a very eBay price. Only $4.39 a piece that is round €3.40 what is cheaper then a magazine. I am very attracted to the teal shade but I also adore the black, yellow and pink skirt. Also I can see this being worn with the above bodysuit and a nice jacket.


A lovely bag

Last but never least we have this bag. This bag makes me really happy. It is actually 2 cent cheaper then the bodysuit but much higher on my wishlist. It is a tiny but lovely bag that has a popping color. It comes in many shades with mint being my favorite. But I also can see myself dragging round this bag in ivory, navy and blue. It is a nice bag for a nice price.

Lots of love

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