We all know my unhealthy obsession with eBay, the perfect place to score some nice statement jewelry for a decent price. I picked my 7 favorite necklaces and of coarse gave you links. So read more to check out my favorites.

This has to be the most simple necklace I picked, but I adore the simple but special look of this Turquoise necklace. And for $1.91 it is a steal. I can not pick my favorite color because all three look amazing. The original turquoise is perfect for summer and the white would look great with a bronzed skin. And lets not forget that I just adore pink.

Collar necklaces are my favorite and paired with the bright neon pink color it really fits summer. I love how this one is hinged and hangs perfectly. This one is actually very high on my wishlist and for $3.99 I think why not! I also saw this one in other colors on eBay but this one is my all time favorite!

Going the more classic route we have this Light Blue number. This one is perfect for a party or on a bohemian dress. It looks very vintage and that is what I think makes it special. The one thing holding me back is the price $7.99 is a tad high for costume jewelry from eBay. But I do think it looks great.

Next up we have this big black collar  for the same price as the light blue one. Again the price is a tad high but I also love the special design of this one, I actually prefer this one over the light blue one.

As I said neon is going to be big this summer and I adore the color style necklaces so I decided to pick this neon collar in Orange and Yellow

From the same seller we have this collar with an arrow that also comes in blue and purple. I really like the design of this one because it ties in the metal with the neon. These are $3.32 with $1.40 shipping.

Everybody who knows me, knows I adore Kim Kardashian. And I need to admit, I also love this necklace The gold plated metal ID necklace is big chunky and great for an all black outfit. Sadly enough we are talking   $21.98 what I would never pay for something from eBay that I have never seen in real life.

So tell me, what is your favorite necklace.

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