Bye April, Hello May!

April is coming to an end and it is going to be May. And I would advice clicking that link if you appreciate dry humor. So this month a few things happened and of coarse I took pictures. I did a lot of online shopping and a few nice things happened. Do read more to check out my diary of the rest of April, do note I added a lot of pictures this time!


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Hello stats!

Somehow on the 24th op April I got double as much page views as I normally get. It was a pleasant surprise to see the high spike of readers. That day I put up this article about eBay and teal/mint items I adore, I am very happy that people liked reading that one. I find a lot of stuff on eBay that I adore and I will be sure to share it with everybody on my blog!


Fake Tattoo

Somehow I keep falling back on fake tattoos. I love body art yet I am to picky to get something myself. Now when I was in a store a women walked up to me and asked me if she could give me a 'tattoo' with a semi-permanent ink, she stamped this little star on my wrist. I think it is called Kenji stones and it is said to stay 2 to 4 days on your arm. Mine is pretty faced because when I type I sweep over my desk so the little inked tattoo got a lot of wear. If I would buy the set to do this myself? I do not think so, it is cute for once but if I want to get the same thing over and over I would rather get it tattooed on. 


My strange cats

Now I have to admit the above picture looks very strange but it has a nice story to go with it. Those slippers you see somehow are very appealing to my cats because I took this picture my other cat was playing around with the exact same slipper my other cat was sniffing. Somehow the slipper made the cat roll round with it and she almost crawled into it. It was a very fun moment that sadly enough was hard to get on camera.


Above you can see my 'little baby' laying in the dirt. Somehow she made that place her own and prefers to lay there the moment the sun hits. Somehow she thinks that birds can not see her when she is bundled up again the bush and little plant to her right. The one below is just a picture that I took that I tought was cute. I was working on product pictures for my blog and the moment she sees the flash she gets into 'model' mode she often poses and is really happy to get photographed. Do not ask me why but she adores my camera.


Yes above is a fountain for cats that I bought here. It still takes a day or two to arrive on my doorstep but this thing is very much needed in my house. Atleast it is needed to keep my sanity, every morning the black and white cat wakes me up and keeps bothering me till I eat my bowl on yogurt and grains, the moment I finish she starts to banshee screech near the kitchen and needs me to fill my bowl with water so she can drink out of it. At first it is cute but it has been going on for months now, she even wakes me up by walking on my face just so I can eat and give her that bowl. So I hope this fountain will be her new favorite drinking thing.


The 99 faces of me

Somehow I am not a fan to put myself on picture, I always pull a strange face or the picture get messed up in an other way. Now lets all take note that I look very 'deer in the headlights' or 'Denna looking directly into the sun' and then focus on the lipstick on my teeth. Not a very flattering picture but I decided to share this for fun. I am horrible at taking pictures but why should I let that stop me?


So above you can see a picture I took with instagram. Somehow when I smile, or attempt to smile I always look very different compared to how I normally look. Also I adore how you can see the tint of purple to my hair in this picture, somehow it is very hard to put into picture.


And going further on the subject of unflattering pictures, I decided to take a picture of my new tooth, sadly enough I do not have a good before but on the picture on the right you can see the gap between my front tooth and the tooth beside it. I decided to go against braces and just let it fill up to look like a bigger tooth, my dentist agreed with me seeing I have relative small teeth. So 30 minutes later the gap was closed up and I think it looks very great now. There was almost an situation when I was at the dentist, she could not get the color of my teeth right. I normally would say my teeth are slightly tinted yellow but my dentist told me that I have the whitest natural shade of teeth, if I wanted to go whiter I had to bleach them. But they do not have many filler of this lightest shade but luckily she found enough to close my gap. 


My name is Denna and I like to shop online...

Above you can see two items that are currently on my wishlist, actually they are my birthday wishlist that is currently being send to my sister. Left is a pair of teal Marc Jacobs hoop earrings that I found online, I adore them and I think they would look cute with many outfits, also I do not own hoop earrings so they would be a nice addition to my collection. On the right is a cute little bag that you also say in my eBay post. I am debating between those two because she said she only would get me one thing of those. What do you prefer? The bag or earrings?


Making a load of earrings

I have been very busy with making stock for my web shop, sadly enough I have very little time to get everything in order to open it yet. I prefer to work on my blog over the web shop idea so the web shop is on a hold for the moment. But I did want to share the cute cards I made for my earrings. I decided to add sterms for my flower earrings and paint splatter for my round glass earrings. 

So that was my April part two, how was your end of April?
See you next time,

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