It has been far to long since I posted a life in pictures, or as I am going to call it starting today Denna Diary. I want to give you all a peep in my life. So I am going to show you a few pictures of what has been up with my life and what I am up to.

New jeans for spring

Lets start with these jeans that I bought the start of this month. The color is so stunning but hard to take a picture off. It is an old dusty pink that is very lovely. I am actually very excited to wear these jeans when the weather starts to pick up. But the real reason why I adore these pants is because they are a European size 38 and they almost fit perfect, reason to work hard so when the sun comes out they can fit perfect. I know a lot of girls might be thinking "Most people have a euro size 38" Well not me, years ago I had a 44, then I went down to a 42 and recently I went from 42 to 40. So hitting 38 seems almost surreal because I had very little confidence that I would get there.

My perfect fit

An other perfect fit is my cat on my windowsill, she is neatly parked between a plant and my little jar that holds my baby mint plant. Somehow my cat always needs to push herself between spaces where there is no space. The other windowsill was almost empty but she decided to watch over my mint plant that needs to start growing a lot faster because I need my mint tea!

Instagram: and cats ofcoarse!

As you can see above I snapped a picture of an egg, ever since Easter started I have been eating these eggs almost daily. I just love the taste off a cold egg and I have to admit the fact that the egg is stained pink makes me like it more. Next to it we have a Garnier 7 days body lotion with shea butter, my skin somehow got dry spots and I decided to go hardcore after it with Garnier.

The left picture is from a pair of earrings that I ordered off eBay, as you can see the left one is silver and the right one is black. Very strange but the seller was very easy to return my money. And then we have my new earcuff and new studs on the right picture.

And I have to share these pictures even when it makes me seem like a crazy old cat lady. Left we have the amazing demonic strange face my cat made when I said "Pose for instagram!" somehow this was to good not to share. On the right we have my cat sitting on my bedside table looking into my closet. Not to pick out an outfit but to jump into the upper plank that holds my sweaters. It is really an amazing jump but she leaves my bedside table with scratches and my sweaters get pushed aside. I still need to think of a way to stop her from jumping in my closet.

My new top

I actually write very little about outfits that I wear but I fell in love with this shirt even when the picture does not do it justice. The bright blue thee is completely studded and blinged up in shape off a cross. I am deeply in love with this thin top and I can not wait to wear it out when the sun starts blazing. But sadly enought I have to keep wearing it with blazers at the moment.

Thank you dad

Let me start with saying I have a pretty awesome dad. It is almost my moms birthday and we went shopping for a nice gift. Seeing I am the voice of reason and I know everybody their jewelry from A to Z. My dad decided to bring me with him to pick out the perfect gift. We went trough many stores and even when he wanted to buy her a watch or earrings I decided on a steel Swarovski bracelet, now I have to point out that the bracelet above is not for my mom, he got her this one. That I think is the most pretty bracelet ever. You might wonder why I am showing the bracelet above, that is what my dad got me. Seeing the bracelet for my mom was decently expensive, we had a good discount on the above bracelet and I really wanted a steel bangle so my dad got me that one. Soon an article with better pictures will follow!

The difference between Lilac and Lavender

Let me start with pointing out the above lid is from a hairdye called "La Riche, Directions" They have a very nice selection of colors from bright to pastel. Now I have been wanting a nice pastel toned down lilac hair for a while now, but somehow the girl could not find a jar with the word "lilac' on it. She came back with Lavender and told me that they perhaps changed the name but that lavender would be the same shade. When I later googled it I found out that Lavender is a bright purple that leans so much toward pink. Sadly enough I already opened the jar in excitement before finding that piece of information, so I am willing to go trough the hassle of exchanging it. This dye is going to be a 'hit' or 'miss' for me. Fingers crossed that I can make a pastel color from it.

Discount please!

Last but not least we have these two jars of Color Tattoo that make me happy every time I look at them. There was a 1+1 discount at the local drugstore Kruidvat for you Dutch people! and I went to look if they had a white one. And they did! So I scored these for 5 euro a piece, a euro cheaper then in Germany. But I am very happy with these two. Sadly enough somebody had decided to stick their finger into the white one, creating a small smudge that looks ugly on pictures, but still I am debating between showcasing these two on my blog. Because the colors are just so amazing. 

So what do you think?
Till next time,


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