You know those days where it takes far to long for the mailman to bring you your package. Recently I ordered four things that I really want right now. One is a gift and three are for. So read more to check out what I got!


For my mom

Lets start with what I really want right now, the above pendant and necklace is something I ordered from Etsy. This listing for a pendant is really what I was searching for. The hammered pendant looks stunning and it has a place for two names, so I ordered it with the names of my and my sister as a gift for my mothers birthday. Sadly enough my moms birthday was yesterday so I did not get it in time, but I did expect that. It will be a pleasant late gift I hope. As I said I ordered these with my sisters name and my name on it,we decided against picking our birthstones because my sister had a purple stone and mine was a ruby. We decided on getting our favorite colors and my sister got a beautiful garnet and I picked rose. The pendant itself we ordered as the picture, curved and hammered. But you can also get these flat and smooth. There are also many extra's you can order and I picked the option where the plates being used are silver. So I am really happy with this order and I can not wait to see how this turns out!


For me

Now I admit little vain creature that I am, I decided to buy myself something similar as the above pendant seeing I would save on shipping and I really wanted a nice little hanger to pair with my coin pendant. This listing is what I ordered for myself. The single version of what I got for my mom, but because I did not want to steal her thunder I got myself a flat one with hammered edges. Now because I am single lady and obsessed with finding things with my name, I decided on getting it with my own name and this time I decided on getting my birth stone a "Siam" that is a nice dark red shade. I did not get this in silver but plain nickle. 

I am an eBay machine

Lately I have been bidding a lot on eBay and I am stilling waiting for listings to end. I adore the trill of winning and I love unique pieces. Since my jewelry collection is missing bracelets I went for bracelets with stones. The one above has a big Turquoise and makes me wish for summer and the one below is what seems a amethyst but I am not sure about that one because the listing does not say what it is. But I got for €2.50 so a super deal!
What are you still waiting for?

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