So what is up currently?

So every other Sunday I have a currently and today is no different. It is already number six and I do hope you will enjoy this little peek into my life to see what is up currently.

Let start with the fact why I picked the above picture for my currently. I am Rocking this light lilac/pastel purple hair for a while now. Sadly enough it hardly shows up in pictures and people only notice when I am standing in direct sunlight. Still I love my purple hair but I am debating on getting a bright dipdye the moment this lilac washes out. Still a bit stuck if I want purple/pink or teal/bright blue.

I am working on a lot of stuff including writing a lot of articles and taking pictures for my blog. It does take up some time but I have a load of fun doing it. Somehow it seems I am getting better at blogging and I adore that.

Tomorrow is what I am currently hating. I got a dentist appointment. Now I am not fear to go to the dentist but I made an appointment to fill up some gaps between teeth because I got a lot of space to spare. Now I need to keep my mouth open for a hour or so and I really hate that. I think it is hard to keep my mouth open for half a hour so a hour will be hell. But it will be all worth it in the end.

Recently I went online shopping and bought a lot of stuff. I got myself a new coin pendant and bracelet in the Lucardi sale. As soon as I get those I will ofcoarse show you all some pictures. I got my mother and my granny a 'motherday gift' so I need that to arrive. And last but not least I got my cats a fountain for them to drink. Our house is already loaded it water bowls and outside we have 2 fountains for them. But they still needed something inside in my office. So I bought one that was 30 euro's, not something I would normally pay but for my cats it is worth it. Also I am still waiting for the usual eBay packages.

So what is up currently with you?

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