So, it seems like ages since I last did a currently, So today an update with what is up with my life. Also I do love reading what everybody ells is doing currently so do not shy away from leaving a comment with your own currently!
I am Loving ear cuffs and 'full' ears. I love the idea of adding ear cuffs to bulk things up without a piercing. Soon I will be showing my new ear cuff and perhaps some new earrings that I bought recently. Especially with the warmer weather hopeful coming soon I love how it adds a playful twist to a simple outfit. So yes a lot of metal hanging from my ears.

Hating the fact that I can not workout today, I have my strict schedule of daily Zumba where I burn between 500-600 calories. It is loads of fun and I look forward to it everyday. But sadly enough I have a lot of things planned today, including a visit from family  Now I can Zumba while they are here but do they really want to see me shake my money maker and lady bits? I do not think so..

Working on the idea to launch a small web shop to sell my handmade jewelry. I do not want to have a big web shop that has a 100 orders a day but I do love making things and I have enough jewelry as it is. But it is still very much work in progress seeing I need package material and such. Also paired with the fact that I need to get my ass working on getting my blog out there, I have a lot of online work. But thank god, I love doing it!

Obsessing about spring and the fact that it is still cold outside. I really need warm weather so I can wear my cute blazer jackets and pastel jeans. I really need warm weather because the cold is going on for far to long.

Currently the tv show I am Watching is Supernatural! I had a brief romance with this before and I watched till season 6 in a few weeks. Now I picked up the slack and watching the rest of the remaining episodes. It is perfect to multitask and have running in the background when I am taking pictures. I can watch the computer from my mirror and take pictures with my little photographic studio I have set up in front of my mirror.

What I am really excited about is what I am Making. It is shameful to admit but my shoe collection is growing and growing and the space is gone. I filled up so many places that I currently have three pairs standing on a table in my office, where I am currently sitting. This of coarse needs to change and I need to put them somewhere. I had the bright idea of hanging my pumps on the wall from a railing or a piece of wood, it sounds really ugly and strange but it is a brilliant idea if I say so myself. But because I am not that handy with a drill, I need to wait for my dad to help me. But that does not mean, I can't start with sawing the wood in the right size.

I do feel my currently articles are longer? I do like it!
Till next time,


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