Geometrix Matt Lip cream

Walking in Germany I visited my favorite drugstore to see what limited editions it would hold opposed to the Dutch collection. I was over the moon to see that the Geometrix collection hit stores already and I wondered what I should take with me. When I saw the press images I decided that I wanted the eye shadow palette but the pigmentation was horrible. So I decided to go for a matt lipcream. Both looked very similar to me so I decided to take 02 light red what seemed to be the more orange red of the two.



First off, you can view the whole Geometrix collection here. It also shows that I payed €3.49 for the lip cream I am showing today. About there own product catrice says
The creamy lip gloss texture with matte finish are available in both classic Mondrian-red as well as orange-red. The Matte Lip Creams are moisturizing and leaving a silky-soft feel on the lips.
I personally did not see a load of difference between the Mondrian red shade opposed to the orange-red, it has a very minimal difference in shade. 


Wearing it

It is very easy to apply to the lips because it has a short lip gloss wand. I prefer this shorter design over a long lipgloss because it makes it very hard to 'color between the lines' and with a shade like red you really need to make it perfect to avoid the clown effect. Also because it is small it fits perfectly in your bag for touch-ups. The product holds 4ml what I think is decent for the cheap price i payed.


It feels very good on the lips, not a sticky mass or a dry lump. So I am really happy with this one. The shade itself is very wearable for everyday life and I love to pair it with a winged eyeliner and nude shadow. It was very hard to take a great picture of this, but the lip cream is matt and very lovely. As you can see on the swatch on my art it stains a bit, but after a good rub most of it gets off

I am very happy with this shade, I do think it is stunning but I know a lot of people are 'not fond' of red lipstick because it is out there. I adore it and I have to say if you want to try it. I really advice this one! It is really a limited edition worth checking out

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