Today I have a positive message inspired by a topic I read online. The topic itself was not that important but the idea's what bounced around and the options that flew really made me thing. Is acceptance that hard?

The story

The topic itself was very judgmental and the short version was that a girl was bitching about a 'friend' who wore 'too much make-up' the topic starter ranted that it was not normal that the girl wore that much make-up  for her age and that she never seen any other girl wearing that much make-up. The words "Barbie" and "Painted face" where mentioned and it all got my thinking, not about wearing to much make-up...but about people who bitch about other peoples style and appearance. 

Why look at other people and judge

That brings me to my point, why should we judge other people by there clothing, make-up or just appearance. And I know I am not a 'saint' because I do like to watch fashion police and go "OMG OMG, look at that outfit, gurl"  But does that mean I do not like somebody because they dress horrible? No, why should I. The thing is that I pick my friends not by appearance but by personality. I am friends with people who paint there faces like they are going to war and I am friends with people who just wear sweats all day. Nobody is worth more to me because of there appearance because why should I judge them, they are just expressing themselves their own way. I am sure many people think I dress strange and do not understand why I wear winged eyeliner everyday.  

That brings me to the girl bitching about her 'friend'

It really makes me wonder why somebody bitches to complete strangers about her 'friend' I do not know what I think is sadder, the fact that she talked behind her friends back to complete strangers. How must that great feel that so many people talked about her? How does she feel if she ever finds out how her 'friend' called her on the internet? Or is it more sad that the topic starter cares so much for apearance that they wrote a complete topic about that 'friend'

One thing I can say, if you talk about others behind their back and judge them. 
They are not your friend!
So what do you think, do we need a little more acceptance in this world?

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