Bye April, Hello May!

April is coming to an end and it is going to be May. And I would advice clicking that link if you appreciate dry humor. So this month a few things happened and of coarse I took pictures. I did a lot of online shopping and a few nice things happened. Do read more to check out my diary of the rest of April, do note I added a lot of pictures this time!

Swimwear edition!

Finally the sun is out again and I got inspired to go on the hunt for swimwear. Now that got me thinking about trends and how easy it is to 'overpay' here in Holland fringe bikinis are a big hit. You can get them for 20 euros or more but on eBay they are being sold for a fraction of that price. So I made a selection of lovely swimwear that you can order from eBay. A warning before you read more, I really picked a lot of swimwear so it has a lot of pictures from swimsuits to bikinis and from covered to sexy.


So what is up currently?

So every other Sunday I have a currently and today is no different. It is already number six and I do hope you will enjoy this little peek into my life to see what is up currently.


Long live the.....

Lets talk kingsday, queensday or crowningsday. I have no clue what to call it but it is a feast that is coming. Many know that I am Dutch and if you did not, I think this is a large clue that I am. I decided to make a look that I can wear on these days, but I wanted to keep it toned down. No bright, red white and blue on my eyes but a toned down look with a bright lip.

Yogurt on the go

Every morning I start with my bowl on yogurt paired with some good grains. It is a really good start on my day. Because yogurt is so healthy I try to eat two portions a day but at times I can not get my second portion because I am away all day. I think yogurt is one of the hardest things to take with you on a trip because of a few reasons. When I buy those little cups of yogurt they often get between my junk in the bag leaving me stuff under yogurt, not really what I want. So I tried buying those plastic cups and fill them, but somehow during the time I got to my yogurt time it was half warm and not that nice to eat. I turned to the internet and found the solution thanks to lunchtassen.nl

050 Confidential

Sand style polishes where and perhaps still are a bit hit. I personally did not feel that much for sand style polishes till I found the P2 variations. They look like extreme glitter polishes without the annoyance that glitters bring me when I try to remove them. Also these polishes look stunning in the sun.


Geometrix Matt Lip cream

Walking in Germany I visited my favorite drugstore to see what limited editions it would hold opposed to the Dutch collection. I was over the moon to see that the Geometrix collection hit stores already and I wondered what I should take with me. When I saw the press images I decided that I wanted the eye shadow palette but the pigmentation was horrible. So I decided to go for a matt lipcream. Both looked very similar to me so I decided to take 02 light red what seemed to be the more orange red of the two.

Mint, teal and black

If I had a limited fund for making a complete outfit I would really turn to eBay to pick out some nice things. Today I picked out some fine items in teal, mint and black that I really love and remind me of summer. I actually bought a few of these things already and I can not wait for them to arrive. So lets check it out and let me feed your eBay addiction.

Hello Summer

Essence has a current limited edition called sun kissed, the whole collection did not impress me that much but  I decided to take the cheek tint with me. This collection is currently in stores.



Today I have a positive message inspired by a topic I read online. The topic itself was not that important but the idea's what bounced around and the options that flew really made me thing. Is acceptance that hard?



There are a few polishes I rip out of my stash the moment the sun starts to get out. My criteria are very simple, It needs to glitter in the sun and it needs to look very pretty. I think the above 'combination' does that very much, it somehow reminds me of water when the sun hits it in the summer. It instantly gives me a poolside feeling. But enough blabbering about why I adore this polish combination, read more to see what polishes I used and for more pictures.


Egg muffins!

This Fit Friday I want to tell you guys about a great recipe that has a very low difficult level. Even I who can burn and ruin popcorn can make this, so it is really foolproof. But more important then that these egg muffins are healthy! They may not look that great but they taste like heaven.


On the 15th I wrote an article about what I still was expecting . Somehow bitching and moaning makes my package appear on my doorstep because the same day I received a cardboard box with my pendants. As you might have noticed above. So I am really happy to show this today.


I love finding new blogs/tumblrs to follow and to give my lovely readers the option to also promote their own blog. Lately I noticed I had a lot of new followers and I am very grateful for that, so if any of you are blogger, tumblrs or have an other kind of site please show it off in this article. Normally I am against spamming your blog in the comments because I have two spaces where you can show off your blog, one time in the box website and once in the box commentluv but today you may make your whole comment about your own blog. So do spam your blog and I would love it if you wrote a bit about your blog, what makes your blog special or interesting? And you might gain a few followers!

Saturday you might have noticed the bracelet that I showed in my dairy. I decided to take some better pictures and tell you a bit about my new treasure. Also Lucardi has a sale on their site so that is surely something you need to check out. Before you read further I do want to point out that this bracelet is horrible to put into picture, so I really tried!

You know those days where it takes far to long for the mailman to bring you your package. Recently I ordered four things that I really want right now. One is a gift and three are for. So read more to check out what I got!

It has been far to long since I posted a life in pictures, or as I am going to call it starting today Denna Diary. I want to give you all a peep in my life. So I am going to show you a few pictures of what has been up with my life and what I am up to.

I have to admit, I can not filter and I tried my best to only pick and photograph the shoes I am really going to wear a lot this spring. As somebody who collects shoes I often forget how much I have. So I decided to sort my shoes and pick my favorite shoes for spring and seeing this spring is rather cold I picked a lot of closed shoes and ankle boots.

Movies, TV shows and Books are a few of my favorite things. I love to watch chick flicks I have to admit but also movies where somebody kicks butt! I love fashion and style and I could watch for ages programs that are centered round that. So read more to see what I watched, read and still need to watch. Perhaps you will find something you also want to see. Also it would be lovely if you left a comment with your favorite TvShow, Book and Movie.

Today a very short article about an eBay item that many people liked. I showed on my blog and on different sites my eBay haul and most said that the leaf earring was great. Now read more to hear how great it is.

If today the internet was my wardrobe I would be wearing an all Asos outfit. Even when it is kind of drab outside I would be wearing a cute outfit completely made out of Asos items, a little bit of cream and a pop of read. So want to see what I picked?

Recently I showed my eBay order and included was this ornate looking ear cuff. I never tought I would like this ear cuff so much, read more for pictures of how I wear it and information where you can get it.

So, it seems like ages since I last did a currently, So today an update with what is up with my life. Also I do love reading what everybody ells is doing currently so do not shy away from leaving a comment with your own currently!

The maxi skirt, some people love them and some think they are ugly as hell. I think they can look classy or casual making it the perfect piece to own and ofcoarse wear. Currently I have three vintage maxi skirts hanging in my closet waiting for spring seeing it takes forever to get a bit warmer outside. And for everybody who does not own a maxi skirt yet. I decided to round op my favorite maxi skirts that you can buy with a click of the mouse.

Progress is a thing that we sometimes take to lightly, I hear people complain that they only lost a few pounds. Accually I hear myself complaining a lot to. The thing is that we see ourselves in the mirror everyday and change takes a bit of time but it takes a lot of time for us to see it ourselves. And when we look we most of the times see the negatives and not how far we have come.
So for this Fit Friday I wanted to show my own progress and while I am still not happy, I want you to know that every little change is a step in the good direction. Cause it might sound very cliche but every step in the good direction is one you have to take to reach your goal.


Two days ago I wrote about the P2 Summer Attack Heat Wave lipstick and I promised to show both lipsticks, because I bought an other one. I saved this one because this one is my all time favorite. Yes I adore the orange Heat Wave but this Jungle Juice is a-maz-ing! But before that, am I the only one who thinks the name is a tad strange?

We all know my unhealthy obsession with eBay, the perfect place to score some nice statement jewelry for a decent price. I picked my 7 favorite necklaces and of coarse gave you links. So read more to check out my favorites.

Last week I walked into the German drugstore with one goal and one and only one goal. The summer attack lipsticks. They had three colors of this limited edition and there where two that I really wanted, the orange and the pink version. I debated on also getting the purple to complete the set but I decided against it because I would never wear it. Today I am going to show you the orange one, 020 Heat Wave, and I have been waiting for a heatwave!

So I wanted to show my new wedge sneakers today. We all know these lovely shoes started to trend when Isabel Marant showed her amazing version. Sadly enough the poor student that I am could not afford them, while I still lust for a colorful pair...Today I am going to show my monochrome pair.

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