If we had to believe Yves Rocher this perfume is a feminine fragrance with a burst of green and fresh head notes that reveal a floral heart of Rose Centifolia, a quality of rose of a hundred petals with a soft, subtle scent. Finally, the woody base with notes of Patchouli and Cedar add a vibrant effect that underscores the elegance of this fragrance. 


Let me start with the fact that I had a lot of fun taking pictures of this perfume and package. This is the reason why I adore Yves Rocher, the design is great. I love the little box with the Centifolia on it that has the same colors as the bottle. The bottle itself is also a work of art, I love the gradient of  old pink to fresh green. I am not a bit fan of the clear cap but this bottle still deserves a 10 in my books. The font used for the package also comes back on the bottle, it all ties back to each other very neatly. And I really had a field day taking a lot of pictures


The scent
As said this scent is inspired by the Rose Centifolia, with middle notes of rose. This really is a floral scent. Now I have to admit that this scent is not for me because I am not really a floral person, this scent is very strong and dare I say, sharp. I know a lot of people who adore this strong floral and I really advice this to them, but for me it is a bit to floral. I do think it is a perfect scent for spring. It is deep, rich and powerful.


The scent lingers for a rather long time and one spray lasts me trough the day. And it is a scent that will suit many people, from younger to older. It has a wide appeal.


So what more can I say about this one, it is very floral and strong and if that is your preference I would really advice this one, it would look perfect on any vanity table.
Lots of love,


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