If we had to believe it, it is spring! But speaking from where I live spring seems far away. Snow is dwindling down and it is so cold that my leather gloves get a lot of wear. Still I wanted to make an spring inspirational post with a lot of collages. So if your like me and ready for spring, do read more!


For me spring means scarfs! I adore wearing a blazer or a nice leather jacket paired with a long scarf. I really love the above scarfs the leopard scarf is high on my list and I adore how it is paired with so much jewelry. The one below it is more bohemian with the floral scarf what I think looks great with the brow accents. And seeing I am currently freezing I would go for the scarf on the right, a bit warmer but still very spring. Also I currently have a pink scarf with cat print and a white and green Aztec scarf waiting to be worn.


My spring hairdos are very simple. On the left we have a fishtail braid that I learned last summer. Once you learned it, it is rather easy yet it looks amazing. I always have people come up to me asking me how I did that amazing braid and they are amazed at how simple it is when I demonstrate. Next to the braid we have a soft curled hairstyle. Somehow I adore how this looks yet I still have not mastered the art of making the perfect curly hair, somehow this spring I want to have those curls!


This spring I am going for the red lips and the nude eye shadow  It is a classy look that still looks bold thanks to the lipstick. I am still looking for a great darker red lipstick that I can wear this spring.


Blazers and leather
As I said before this spring I plan on wearing blazers and leather jackets. I even have a leather blazer lying around somewhere. While it is warming up outside I am still leaning towards the leather jacket for some more warmth but spring is perfect for those nice blazers in bright colors or pastels. I love how classy it looks on the right side without looking to business.


This spring is really the moment for me to get out my bracelets and big watches, it is time for an arm party! especially those big chains and charm bracelets are high on my wishlist. And as you can see on the left side I am pairing it with a simple necklace. One might say that those little cross necklaces are long out of style but I think they add some flair to an otherwise extreme arm party. I did not find a good picture of it but I think this would look amazing with some simple studs in the ears, perhaps with a little shimmer.


I think the above image captures a balance between warm and cold. Even when the pinches of mixed water are leaning towards summer they can be perfect refreshing for spring. The moment spring starts I pull out my cute tea cups and fruity thee. But this spring I am also going to attempt infused water, a bit of fruit and mint and let it stay overnight for vitamin water,without the unhealthy gunk!

So what makes your spring good?
Till next time,

Note: All images are from Tumblr and I can not track the right sources

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