Today is one of those Lazy Saturdays where you roll out of bed and think "What should I do?" Why not make it a lazy Saturday with some fun, adorable or funny YouTube videos. I listed a few that I think are great and it would be fun if you left a link in the comments to your current funniest YouTube video. This article does not contain many words but a few nice videos. So enjoy watching

This commercial is cute to a T. The dancing babies are adorable and how it is made I have no idea. I love the music of this and I had not seen this one before.

I adore this act, I love how many different characters are in it. The first time I saw this I was stunned and the second time I could not stop laughing. I love watching ....Got Talent videos and this one is one of my favorites.

Funny cats, everybody loves funny cat video's and I must say those two are my favorites especially the second one.

The Harlem shake Military edition, I admit the Harlem shake...Not a big fan of it but I do like this version for a few reasons. Firstly the guys in sleeping bags, really love them. I also make that movement when I am stuffed in a sleeping bag. Also the guy in the blue fullbody suit, lots of love to him! Also take note of what happens by the window.

Also an other Harlem Shake, this time under water. I was amazed at how long those people could stay under and still dance like it was nothing. I really stared at this video over and over because I was impressed. Very original and I can not wrap my head around it how amazing it is.

Not an add that really made me smile, I have no idea how somebody could think of something like this. It is so wrong that it is fun. Also the music makes it fun to watch over and over. But that might be only the case to me.

So what videos do you like to watch on your Lazy Saturday? 
Till next time and do not get addicted to YouTube

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