The moment it is pink ribbon month a lot of collections bring out the pink ribbon gear and try to make money for a very good cause. This is ofcoarse a great initiative but why only once a year one month? Do you want to do something for Pink Ribbon and take a stand against breast cancer, I have a great tip for you. Something that is sold all year round.

Ofcoarse you can read on the little bag Zinzi Silver Jewels. So you can guesse that this little bag contains a little bit of bling. Also when I say little, I really mean little. On the site of Zinzi you can see that they currently have 3 things to support pink ribbon. One is a ring and the other two are charms. I decided to buy one of the charms

As you can see the charm is a small ribbon with pink stones. This one has 10 pink zirconias and is silver. It was really hard to get a picture of this because of the size. I added a picture with my fingers for reference. As you can see it is almost as big as its own clasp.

As you can see the charm is smaller then small, making it a nice little accent. You can hang it on your favorite necklace or a charm bracelet. It a cute little accent that gives a lot back to a good cause. And I admit...It looks really cute.

So want to support a good cause? Do check out your local Zinzi Dealer.
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