So recently SandPolish seem to be trending, after crackle we still decided that we wanted some texture on our nails. So when I walked into the German drugstore I noticed some SandStyle nailpolish from P2. I have no idea what I could expect but for 1.95 euro I decided to check it out


This nailpolish is really popular in Germany seeing it is sold out everywhere, I wanted to have a dark shade but sadly enough the display held one sandstyle polis in one color. And sadly enough it was also one bottle that was left. I admit that I leaped over an other women to grab this one because anybody ells could have it. I want to thank my mom for giving me long limbs because I am sure somebody ells would have snatched it up if I did not. So as I said before this is just 5 cent shy from 2 euros. Really check for a 11 ml nailpolish that has a sand effect.


Applying it
Normally I would say that special polishes are hard to apply but this one went smooth, the brush was large enough to work good but small enough not to stain my skin. I used two layers for a good coverage and that surely was enough.


On the nails
It looks very good on the nails especially in the sunlight it looks like glitter. Normally you would see glitter over a color but this sand polish gives the illusion of coating the whole nail in glitter or atleast it seems that way with the texture.


As I said I love this texture, it feels a bit like sandpaper and I found myself 'petting' my nails because I liked how my nails feel. Do you have the feeling on uneven nails I would advice getting a topcoat.


So I really had fun getting pictures of this polish altough the pictures do not give the effect justice because in the sun this looks amazing! I am trying to get my hands on the other shades so the moment I get those I will swatch like my life depends on it.
Till next time,

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