So today I am going to show you my new favorite go to lipstick or pencil or what should we call this. I just call it my-amazing-color-explosion. 

How much is it!
So we all can see that this looks like the popular chubby stick from Clinique. But a chubby stick costs 18.81 euros and for the P2 version I payed 2.95 euro. If my math is good I can buy six of the P2 lip designers or one chubby stick and let faith have a hand into it because the P2 lip designer comes in six shades. Sadly enough I did not buy any other colors because I first wanted one to test it. As I said their are 6 shades ranging from light to bright and from orange to red.


The staying power
Let me start with the fact that I love to test the staying power of products, so I decided to write my name rather big on my arm and then read the package that said "Long staying" but I know many products that claim to stay for a long time and then leave the moment you grab a tissue, a drop of water and then rub as hard as you can. So I did just that, below you can see what happened.


As you can see the product came partly off but that was after using a lot of force but cleaner then this it does not go. As you can see on my hand I also have some other swatches of the different colors, all leaving a nice stain. I am very impressed with how hard this is to remove. I really rubbed till it hurt and then ending with this result is impressing. Later that day I decided to grab a make-up remover tissue and go to town with it. And after a long rubbing process I finally got a clean arm. So I have to admit, I can wear this all day long. It does stain other objects or people but it still leaves a lot of color on the lips.


Somehow this photographs very red but Sweet Peeptoe is more a bright pink leaning towards pink.  It did take me some practice to get it clean on my lips because I was not used to the pencil shape. But after doing it four times I got the hang off it. It feels nice on the lips and does not dry out the lips I assume that is because the product has apricot oil and peach extract. It does not smell and it does not leave a taste. So really suited for everybody if you can find the color that you love.

I think this is a great product that is perfect to wear daily, You can toss it in your bag and the lid will not come off so really perfect as a backup in case you get into a lip situation. 
So what do you think? 

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