My mom calls it an addiction I call it a collection. Recently I really fell into 'collecting' coins for my pendants. I also recently fell in love with the brand My iMenso where I wrote about here. As you can see in that article I bought a small pink colored coin but sadly enough it didn't match with my other coins so I decided to get a new coin in similar shades. I actually went to get a pearl but that one did not fit my pendant sadly enough.


The coin
I payed 26 euro for this coin and it is classified as a shell coin. As you can see in the above picture the pink rose lays ontop of the white what I think is semi strange because you can not see the white when the coin is in the pendant, it only shows on the backside. But most of the time the coin is facing forward. I do love the fact that this coin is raised meaning it pops out of the pendant, what I think is really clever because it seems to bloom from the pendant. That was perhaps a very lame pun. 


The color
The coloring of this coin is very unique if I say so myself. It is a combination of pinks, lilacs and whites. But when the light hit it is shows a range of colors in a very subtle way. It was very hard to get the color and details correct in the pictures but I must say I really love it! I can see this coin also being worn with a gold pendant or perhaps rose colored for a more classy look. I think this is a good combination between classy yet cute.


There is very little one can say about a single coin, but I decided to snap a lot of pictures of it because of two reasons. The first is because pictures say a lot more then words and the second because I adore taking pictures of jewelry. It is really fun trying to capture the details.


So what do you think about my new coin, do you love it or hate it?


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