I am currently sitting infront of my computer ofcoarse and when I look to my left I see the sun shining bright trough my window and at an instant I get happy. The sun is shining and it is semi-cold opposed to the snow and cold that hit Holland the als few weeks. It is a reminder that I do not have to wait for long time till I can wear my new Mirror Sunglasses! From eBay....


In this article I talked about the many sunglasses you could get from eBay. I talked about Number 5 and how I loved them so much but how I was sure many people would think they are to much, I did decided to buy them after reading Cynthia her comment. I decided to toss them into my virtual shopping basket and go trough the long process of getting an eBay package. After what seemed years, finally a yellow envelope fell trough the mailbox and I ripped it open like a panther would do to their pray. I instantly loved them more then I did when I saw them online. Per-fec-tion! And that for $2.89 or €2.30. Let me put it different that is the price we pay for an ice cream. I got them from this seller and they also sell these shades with silver instead of gold glasses.


This is not the first pair of shades that I got from eBay. Normally you can expect sunglasses from eBay to be seasonal, with that I mean it can last one season before breaking and dying. This one is actually a bit more sturdy then those glasses, the hinge is very sturdy compared to a loose hinge I normally have. Of coarse you can not compare these to designer glasses quality wise but I do think the quality is great.


I love how everything is transparent and lined with bold black lines, I would have tought this would look far more unique and fun but dare I say it? I do think they are very fashion. They are big enough for my big head and they create a cocky and cool vibe. One might say those two things is something that I am not...I adore the mirror glasses and these mirror a lot but are horrible to get a picture off. Mark my words these mirror glasses are going to be trending, I already saw mirrored glasses at pull and bear and a lot of people respond positive to them, I am sure many would love this budget version. Do note in the below picture I showed myself wearing them, somehow I always look silly on pictures so I apologize for that, but I wanted to show how they look worn.


So what do you think? Is it something you would wear or not?

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