People who frequently read my blog might have noticed that I have a love of jewelry, I am always searching for new unique pieces. But what some might now know is that I make a lot of things myself, I make mostly simple things and try to make things that I think are beautiful. This is going to be mostly pretty detail pictures, so grab a cup of tea and enjoy.


The idea
I recently fell in love with the idea of rings inspired by planets and who does not like glitter? I played with glass and different colors. I made a few that I really love. Some of these are rings and other are earrings.


My small dream
At times I play with the idea of starting a webshop but then the voice in my head tells me that I would not sell a thing. But then again, do I really need 50 rings that I made myself? So I want to ask you, my lovely readers. Would you buy any of the rings or earrings shown in this post if you where to see it in a web shop  And what would you pay for it?


So what do you think? Also tell me in the comments, what is your secret passion.
Till next time,

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