I am sure my fellow online shoppers would agree with me, at times you see that one special piece that you want and would love if you had an occasion to wear it to. So as I am typing this snow flies down to the ground and I am stuck with warm sweaters and thermal tights. So do enjoy the clothing I would wear, if I had the occasion..

A day at the beach, 
As I said in the introduction snow is falling down so wearing a bathingsuit is not very healthy in this cold. Yet I could not help to fall in love with these Marc by Marc Jacobs beauties. I really love bathingsuits and these are unique without being a borat bikini. I love the little peplum and the print on the left one. But to be honest I still think 90 euros a lot of money for a bathing suit that will be worn in clorine drenched water and will be abused by waterslides. So the search for a budget cute bathingsuit is still on.

An amazing party
I can not remember the last time I wore a dress to a party, but if I had a party right now I would go for one of the dresses below. I love everything black and most of my cloths are black, the dress would look perfect with some bright pumps or a statement necklace in a popping color. The gold dress on the other hand would not need much but a simple high heeled shoe. I have to admit even when 9 out of 10 times I go for black I would go for the right one. Hands down my favorite.


Starting to get cold
I adore jackets and blazer and I accually wanted to pick a blazer for this one. But dammit the motorcycle jacket looks amazing and after scrolling for a bit I also fell in love with the trending leather trench jacket. My favorite has to be the first jacket because I can see it being worn with a lot of outfits, some jeans or even a dress would be perfect with it.


A day needing color
You know those days where everything seems bla and bland, those days you need a pop of color. Or in my case a lot of color. I am still in love with the aztec print and I think the dress is stunning, but even when I lust for Aztec I still have to pick the panelled print dress as my favorite, this one is accually for the plussized girls here. I think it flatters really nicely and it is still very sexy. Accually if I am honest, I would want to buy this dress. I really really want it in my life. But recently I went down a bit of a dress size and I am pretty sure this one is to big for me now.


A casual jeans day
I think everybody needs a pair of stunning jeans in their closet. Something to toss on when your late and it would look good with a simple outfit. A pair of jeans that has something special without taking the whole circus with you. These pants fit that brief, the left has a really nice ombre and the right has a pretty Aztec detail. And yes I know, Aztec again. Both would look really great with a t-shirt, blouse or tanktop.


A day for the perfect shoes
I would love to own these shoes, both are perfect and unique. The Missta heels are perfect with a pair of skinny jeans and a tee and I would rock those Sam Edelman shoes with every outfit that I own. I just adored spiked loafers

So what would you be wearing of these items?

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