A few weeks ago I received these earrings as a gift. While my personal mantra is "More is More" I do not own many statement earrings. Why is simple, they do not suit me. But after receiving this doubt started to set in. Do I like them?

luxury bijoux
I have no idea where these earrings are bough and how much they cost, I only know one thing. The brand label says Luxury Bijoux. After a big google search I found nothing so I have very little information about these giant things.

Pro & con
Giant earrings have many pros and cons. Lets start positive, it can really dress up an outfit and there is more room for design. Visually they can be very appealing. I personally can see the earrings I got being worn in the summer with loose big wavy hair and no other jewelry. But there is one big con when you hold these. They are really heavy, resulting in a stretched out long hole in your ear. So they are not suited for wearing daily or for a long time.

So my lovely readers I wanted to ask you guys.
Giant big earrings, Yes or No?
Lots of love


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