Today we have a FitFriday. I debated long and hard on the subject what I wanted to write about and suddenly I got it...body image! And most important comparing yourself to others.  Because most girls do it, you open a magazine and you see a model "I wished I could look like her" or when a long legged girls walks passed you "I wished that was me..."

Seeing yourself
I think the above image gives a good representation about seeing yourself different then you are, and that is one of the biggest reasons why body image is so important. Because you can loose weight but if you can not see how you really are it is going to go downhill. And it is so hard to love your own body when you do not see it. But you are surely thinking "She is just blabbering, I can see perfect in the mirror how I look" Yes that might be true, but how many hours did you already spend looking in the mirror and how perfectly do you know your own body, you know every little thing that you want to change to look better. At least most people do. Every little mistake you can magnify and obsess about but most important is that even with little mistakes, you still need to love yourself. Because striving for perfection can become an unhealthy obsession..

How I see myself.
Writing this I do not want it to be like an information filled article with things I read myself and just blabbering on about "Love yourself!" I want to tell you my story and perhaps you will also see things that relate to your own. I can not remember when I felt good about my own body, I was the biggest kid in my class atleast that was what my classmates made me feel when I was younger. We all know the name calling and the teasing. But let me tell you this "If you hear everyday that you are fat, you will believe you are fat" Looking back now I know for sure that I was not fat, I was a lot taller then most girls and I early developed boobs. So I was a tad bigger compared to some but not to everybody. Looking back I would kill for the body I had back then because there was nothing wrong with it.

At times you are so negative about yourself that you just want to change because you know you will feel better. Last week I was in a bus on my way home, in front of me was a girl wearing some nice clothing and looking round the bus. I was thinking to myself "I wished I was like her" "I wished I could wear clothing like that" "I wished..."  but it took me a few bus stops to realize that she was twice my size and that I was far more skinny then her. But I was so wrapped up in my 'selfbashing' that I did not have a clue. It is really something I am trying to stop but that will take some time. But it made me realize how easy it was to hate myself and compare my wrong body image to others.

I wrote in the title why should you compare your body to a models body? and that is because of two reasons. The first is looking like a model is not realistic at least not like the images you see in those glossy magazines. With a bit of Photoshop a lot of people can look like models, and when even a model can not have that killer body. Why should you aim for it? Why not aim for healthy and being the best you can be?

And that brings me to comparing yourself to your dream body. I have to admit if I could have any body I would go for Miss Kim Kardashian! But lets get real here, I have no butt and I am much taller. Truth be told we have completely different body shapes. So I can workout everyday but I will not reach that goal. That does not mean you should not set goals for you, but go for things like 'fitting in a certain size jeans' or 'losing x amount of cm off your legs' But most important your goal should be being happy with yourself.

I want to end with the quote I did not complete in the title.
You do not measure your intelligence to Einstein, why should you compare your body to a models body?

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