Today we have an other Etsy post. Two days ago I wrote about a stunning pair of earrings and today I have a very lovely handmade bracelet. I love unique things and these bracelets are surely unique. Without saying to much I will tell you this. Lydia Wall sells so many designs you will always find something that you love.


About Lydia Wall Millinery
Lydia started her carrier with making hats, but she also started to make laser cut jewelry soon after. This lady of all trades sells her jewelry and hats on Etsy and Folksy. She makes everything herself in her studio in London, her jewelry is also very eco-friendly because all the leather is reclaimed. Big factories in the UK discard small pieces of high quality leather and Lydia uses those for her craft. What I think is really amazing, she can see high quality for a decent price that way.


As you can see the above pictures I got my bracelet in a high quality cardboard box. The box itself is a beautiful matte black with engraved details. It opens and closes with two flaps that hold her logo, and on the side it says in a fancy script "Lydia Wall Millinery London" and on the other side it has the address of her website. When opened you see the bracelet laying on a cardboard piece with a velour topping in dark red. It makes the whole package seem very luxe and very suitable as gift. When I received the box it was a bit dented but that is very understandable seeing it went from London to Holland. It was packed in a sturdy big padded envelope so really props for that.


Picking a bracelet
The bracelet you see in the pictures is the Teardrop design in an amazing blue/green color. I must admit I had a hard time picking one bracelet that I really loved because all the designs are special and there nice variety in color. As I said there are so many designs if your like me and adore the color that I picked you also have this spiral bracelet in the same color. But if you want something more classic you can go for Silverdark brown or the current trend color dark red. Ofcoarse there are many more colors and shapes to pick from I also want to highlight this playfull red one and this beige number that will fit many outfits


My bracelet
As I said I picked this amazing blue green shade, I assume we can call it turquoise. The first thing I want to mention is that this bracelet has so many details I really had a blast photographing it. Lets start with the fact that you can ask for a custom size for your bracelet, my bracelet is really tailored to perfection as you can see in the pictures where I am wearing it. It is not to big and not to small. It closes with one black snap that holds the bracelet firm in place, I have worn this bracelet for one day and it kept closed and on my wrist perfectly. Ofcoarse with this laser cut jewelry you have to match out not to tear it seeing it is leather, you do not want to tear the space between the designs but with normal wear I am sure that will be okay. I actually smelled this bracelet and I have to say it really has a faint leather smell but nothing to overpowering.


Perfect for warmer and colder days
I picked this bracelet especially for spring and summer so I can give my outfits a pop of color. But I also can see the lighter shades like this and this work with a bronzed skin. There is a real charm to a leather bracelet when it is getting warm outside, It is not as heavy as an arm full of bangles and it is very whimsical. Also I prefer this because leather does not get as hot opposed to silver or other metals. It does not discolor when it gets wet and it drapes round your wrist. For the color months I think this shade of orange and red is perfect.


But there is more
A lot more, I really took my sweet time browsing this Etsy shop because there is a lot of everything. There are earrings that match the bracelets perfectly. Ranging from 15 till 19 euros you can get your own leather earrings that are flashy yet lightweight. I can see these being worn with loose hair gently flowing in the wind. I am personally very fond of this one in blue and black that matches my bracelet perfectly but also these silver long chandelier style earrings make my heart beat a little bit faster. Also the Chokers fit perfectly in the collection and you can really buy a matching set. The chokers seem really regal in gold, edgy in black and pure in silver. I personally adore the one in black.


As I said these leather bracelet cuffs have a soft pricetag. The one I have is 36 dollar or 28.47 euro. I think this is a decent price considering it is real leather and ofcoarse handmade. It is really a price I am willing to pay for handmade. The earrings are ofcoarse a tad cheaper and the chokers a tad more expensive. I must say that it is great for a gift, I am always on the lookout for unique gifts and with this you are surely the only one giving a one of a kind bracelet.

So I really adore my bracelet by Lydia Wall I do think she is really talented.
For more information you can send her an email
As said before she has her own Websitefacebookfolksy and ofcoarse Etsy


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