Browsing Etsy is one of my favorite pastimes. The fact that so much is handmade and can be handmade is baffling. I also love the fact that what you buy from Etsy is not as H&M, not everybody can walk to the store and buy it. You need to find that one shop that has that one unique item that you want. And Joyo surely has items that that I want.  As you can see on the picture above I got myself some Wood Leaf Earrings. 


About Joyo
Joyo is a Etsy shop  by Jenn that sells jewelry that is Eco friendly, modern and unique. Her jewelry is laser cut to perfection making it a combination of art and technology. I  mailed with Jenn and she was very fast in responding what shows me that she knows the way to run a good webshop. 
An other thing that I really liked was the fact that my order came in a sturdy padded envelope and the earrings where in a nice box, that you can see in the pictures. Even when the design on the box is minimalistic it does look pretty enough to give away as gift. The box itself arrived a bit dented but nothing to mayor considering it came from the United States all the way to Holland.


The earrings
I decided to pick the leaf inspired earrings they are one of the bigger earrings Jenn is selling in her shop but still because it is open it is not tacky. It is actually very boho and nature inspired. I am not sure if I would say these are classy or casual because somehow they fit both. I can see myself wearing these with a tee and jeans and my hair hanging loose. But also with a fancy dress and an updo. I think they are very versatile. When you check out her shop you will notice that every earring has the option of birch or walnut as wood and gold or silver hangers. As you can see I picked the darker of the two walnut and I wanted gold hangers. I think this really suits the earrings and go perfectly with my light hair. 


Earrings this size are normally also very heavy, they weight your ears down and stretch your hole downwards. What I personally think is not very flattering.  But when picking up this earring I was pleasantly surprised, it is really light and at times you forget that you are wearing them. The leaf earrings are rather big as I said before they have the perfect size just hitting above my shoulder. 


Prize wise these are 45 dollar what I think is a decent price for handmade. The wood is strong and off good quality and is coated with an mix of mineral oil and beeswax to protect it. I think it is the perfect price for handmade and unique. 


Now you might be thinking they are a bit big for me. No fear Joyo has a lot of earrings and even the same design as I picked is available in a smaller version. But there are many more designs to pick from, if you want to keep in the organic style there are different kinds of leafs  and round shapes But also teardrop shapes with different designs in the teardrop. And that are just a few of the earrings available.


But there is more! Joyo also has a large selection of cuffs that I personally find very unique. My favorites have the be the art deco inspired cuffs in white and black. And when you think there could not be more we have not even touched the subject of necklaces. My favorite has to be the big geometric statement necklace but if you want to go smaller and more dainty I would say check out this floral number

So I would really recommend Joyo . You can check her out on Etsy Facebook and Pinterest
Also leave me a comment about what you think about this laser cut jewelry. 

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