Essence currently released 3 new scents for this month. Like a roller coaster ride, like a jump in the pool and like a million miles away. As you might have guessed from the above image that shows it in big letters, I am showing you today the last one of that list.


Like a million miles away is a scent inspired by traveling and is said to remind you of your far away travels. The most miles I traveled myself was toward Italy so not a million miles away...But this scent is also said to be exotic, exciting and daring. So I must say after reading that I was intrigued towards to scent. Also these scents cost as much as the normal collection from Essence scents. I payed for my small travel sized scent of 10ml a 2.95 euro.


The package
I have to admit I picked this one because I loved the package. I did not have time to test every scent so I took a chance and picked the one with the most pretty package. I loved the orange and the postcard on the package. The bottle itself has a stamp with the name next to it. Simple but cute. The scent itself has a very light shade of orange what ties in perfectly with the bright orange box it came in. I personally adore the fact that that it is just 10ml what makes it perfect to toss in your bag and carry around with you.


The notes
The top notes of this product are very fruity with mango, mandarin orange and grapefruit. The middle notes are plum, rose and praline and the base is musk, vanilla and cedar. I do think it is a lovely combination of notes that I prefer.


What do I smell.
What I smell when I spray this on is a fruity scent that reminds me a lot of grapefruit with a hint of orange. The more time I take to smell it the more I smell the musky scent and some hints of vanilla. It is a rather heavy scent and I think it is perfect for spring and summer. The scent lingers for a long time that is surprising for such a cheap scent. I wear perfume daily but with this scent people really commented on it and asked me what I was wearing. Even my mother who normally is not a fan of fruity asked me what perfume I was wearing and if I could get her a bottle.


So yes, this scent is exotic, exciting and daring. It does not take me a million miles away but it smells amazing! I really advice on getting this one.
Have you already put your nose on this one, if so what did you think?

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