Recently an other eBay package fell on my doorstep. I must say the mailman really knows where I live seeing I order far to many things from eBay. Last time I wrote about the fact that I bought haircuffs in Silver and Gold and I must say I am wearing those a lot. I really like the dash of metal it gives to my hairdo. But as much as I did search I could not find a rose gold haircuff. In the end I decided to just order a pair of ribbons


A pair for how much?
So I always search eBay for the lowest price and the lowest price for this pair of hairbows was $1.68 what is round €1.30. So you are only paying €0.65 a ribbon, what I think is a decent price. I have not yet seen these things in the stores so I am really happy with it.


People can debate if ribbons are childish or not, I would not advice wearing two high ponytails with these ribbons if you are over 20. But paired with a stick ponytail or on the end of a fishtail braid I think that it looks great. Also the metal makes it a tad more mature then if you where to go for a fabric ribbon.


Not a 100% nice
As you can see in the above picture the left side of that ribbon has a spot of some sort. It kind of looks like a stain, the other ribbon also has some of those stains. So if you are bothered by that I would not advice getting these, the seller told me this was normal. Although he did offer me a $0.50 discount for it.


As bracelet
I know a lot of girls wear elastic bands on their wrists to they can put their hair in a ponytail when needed. I think these elastics look really cute worn on the wrist and it gives of a cuteness factor. I think with would look really cute next to a big watch.


Where did I get it
As said I got it from eBay by this seller but their are many more sellers selling these.


So what do you think? Is this something you would wear or would you rather skip this ribbon?
Lots of love,

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