Todays article features some jewelry and a scarf that I adore. I recently caught the eBay bug again and went order crazy, so read more to see what I bought and what I am debating to buy.

[Cross Necklace, Gold&Silver]  -  [Silver Earcuff]  -  [Straw earring]  -  [Earrings] 

The above collage is everything that I recently bought, it are a few pieces that where missing in my jewelry collection. Of coarse the cross necklaces are something I have been lusting for for a while now and I admit I still want a real silver or real gold sideway cross necklace. I think it is the perfect little accent to every outfit especially in spring and summer. Ear cuffs also fall into the summer and spring must haves for me. This will be my first real ear cuffs, I normally buy earrings with a combination of a cuff so I picked a simple but special silver colored cuff. The hoop earrings are very bohemian in my eyes so I needed to buy them. The gold straw earring I actually got in silver, it is a single earring and I play to wear it with an updo.


And then we have something that is on my wishlist, a skull scarf! I admit that I have a slight skull obsession and I love the unique style of the print on the scarf. I am still debating what color I love the most, currently I am leaning towards orange but the red is also popping! So for now it is still a wishlist item.

So what do you think, what is your favorite piece?

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