I think eBay is the perfect place to get tights for cheap and unique designs. My current eBay wishlist is full of tights or leggings depending on how you would call it. So I decided to share a few of my favorite tights. And perhaps add in some tips.


Let me start with how horrible this eBay picture is of the Blue Galaxy Tights. But I saw these in a picture somebody took and they look amazing! I adore the different colors of blue and how it looks like a night sky. These are said to fall longer and bigger then most eBay tights or leggings. Of coarse most of the Asian sellers sell Asian sizes so be careful some leg wear will be smaller and shorter then expected


These Black and White Graffiti leggings are stunning and perfect for a monochrome outfit. I love the scratched up look it features and I think they will suit many people.


Again a pair of Galaxy tights in blue/black and red/black I admit I adore the galaxy look especially with upcoming spring and summer. If you want them take note that shipping might take a while depending on where you live. Here in Holland it most of the time takes one month for it to arrive. So if you need something fast I would not advice getting them from eBay. I personally really like the red one on the left, it is unique and the shades of red and pink are stunning.


These Mesh tights in black and white are stunning! I adore how the lines accent the body but I have to note depending on the outfit these can go trashy. I have been wishlisting these for almost a year now because I really love the black ones, But there is one thing holding me back, I am pretty sure the quality will not be great. Seeing mesh is a delicate fabric and that paired with Asian sizes I am pretty sure the moment I will put my legs into this legging the mesh will rip. So I would advice this to girls with thin legs.


Last but not least we have an other pair of Galaxy Tights. I am not blown away by these designs because I like the above designs better but I do think a lot of people will like these. The left two are really unique and the right two are really wearable.

So what do you think about these leggings? What pair is your favorite.

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