I find so many lovely things on eBay so I decided to make a collage of my favorite sunglasses, while my eBay wishlist is many many pages I decided to pick my favorites for you. No boring sunglasses here but Unique and Fun glasses! Also I should mention they are dirty, dirty, dirty cheap.

So lets start with [1] I am predicting that mirror shades especially in yellow will be a big hit this summer. I love the traditional wayfarer model that somehow never seems to fall out of style with the catchy fun yellow. Really one of my favorites.

[2] is unique in the sense that it reminds me of sleepy eyes. I envy people who can wear round glasses and suit them, I personally can not because it makes my head look large or should I say larger. But this gem was to pretty not to share. Especially with a boho dress this would look really sweet.

Number [3] is designer inspired. I looks formal in front and party to the side. This one is sold in a large variety of colors but the black one has to be my favorite.

Then we have [4] inspired by pixels, I work a lot in photoshop and I have to admit that my inner geek loves these shades. I featured the black one but it also comes in yellow, red, leopard and pink. I would have bought these if they would suit me, sadly enough this one is not really great for my face shape.

I am sure number [5] will make many of you cringe and perhaps even will make your skin crawl. But I adore these glasses. They make me happy because they are so unique, I can see this being worn with many outfit. I am still debating if I should get them for myself. Part of my is telling me "No, they are far too much" the other part is screaming in my head that I should get them and rock them everyday.

Last but not least we have number [6] the lovely cateyed shape is what atracted me to to these glasses. It is a style that would suit many people and is still original without being kooky like number 5 for example. 

So this is my selection of eBay glasses that I adore.
What number is your favorite?
Lots of love,


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