I debating between skipping today currently or making a short one because I have very little time today and I need to work on tomorrows article. But I decided to post a currently today! So we already have number 4.

Currently I am loving shiny things, small earrings with a lot of stones and rings with a lot of bling. Normally I would go for unique, big and statement but lately I am feeling the smaller and shinier things in life. I recently got a pair of earrings that embody this 'shiny' that I love so you can expect an article about those soon.

Debating a lot nowadays. I am looking to things to improve on my blog, I need to focus more on writing so I am reading a lot of English books and blogs to find my own swing of writing. I do think I improved a lot since I started but I still got a way to go. I do feel DennaMichelle is going in the right direction but it could go a bit more.

I am waiting on the mailman. I bought a few things from eBay that I want to showcase on my blog but sadly enough shipping takes really long time. Also I got a glamour magazine subscription for myself and it has a free gift that comes in a mystery box. So the moment I get that, I will also write a nice article about it. So dear mister mailman, I love you if you hurry up.

I recently devolved a habit of eating jam. I bought a pot of Bonne Maman and it is really the most fruit and wonderful jam that I ever tasted. And the jam comes in cute jars, I am rinsing them out and I am planning a DIY with it but I am still stuck on what do make from them.

Human Nature - Glee is what I am currently listening It is the perfect background sound while I work and type away.

So lovely readers, what is currently up with you?

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