So today a new currently, a bit later then normal because photobucket is not loving me. So I needed to find somewhere ells to upload my pictures. Read more for my currently.
Again I am starting with loving because I think the positive is very important. Currently I am loving the fact that my blog is almost a year old. I never dreamed that my blog would be such a factor in my life, I love blogging how strange that might sound. But I get excited every time I can take new pictures for my blog and it makes me happy to edit a load of pictures. My writing needs a lot of work, I know that but I love doing it. And even when my blog is not that big and popular every comment I get makes me smile and feel grateful that somebody took the time to check my article.

I am Laughing at the fact that somebody mailed me if I wanted to buy their webshop for a small price. It was a sweet idea but I do not want to own a webshop because I am not made to run a webshop. It takes a lot of work and I do not have the skills for that.

Because I love music I always have something playing in the background while I work on my blog or do some reading. Currently I am Listening to Nick Pitare with brokenhearted . He is one of my favorite singers on YouTube and I am waiting for him to get his breakthrough. He is really amazing and I love his voice. Also he is very nice to look at if you know what I mean.

Wishlisting has to be my favorite pastime. For five minutes ago I would have wrote that I am wish listing for a pair of tiny start shaped studs but I found those in my moms jewelry box. If you are reading this mom, I have them and you will get them back some day. So I needed something ells to wishlist, I decided to go for a coins from My iMenso, I once wrote about their coins here  That article still holds some of my favorite pictures. So on my wishlist currently is the gemstone Hemimorphite. I love the light blue shade that it has.

At the moment I am Wearing a nice warm green sweater and thermal tights because it is snowing outside Also I have some nice star shaped studs. 
I am also Wanting summer really bad. I am sick of the cold weather and snow. I really can go for a heatwave now. So I can also say at the same time I am Hating the cold.

Also the passed two weeks I am really Working Out I found my love for Zumba and I have been playing at least a hour a day. Even when I look silly flapping my long arms round and trying to shake my ass like those dancers do I am having fun and I feel like working out. I also bought some ankle weights to give my legs a real workout while I am dancing round the living room.

So that was my currently, next week I am having a positive message and the week after that a new  currently. I am trying to alternate between those two articles on Sunday.
So tell me, what is going on in your life...currently?

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