So recently Catrice renewed their nail polish collection and a lot of my favorites left, ofcoarse we also got a lot of new shades but I do want to show you this one 'Khaki Perry' because I adore the unique color. And perhaps you can find it in the discount bins.


Khaki Perry
Ofcoarse the name is a spinoff of Katy Perry, that one is clear. But I think what is unclear to me is why they picked that name, because when I think of Katy I think blue or bright shades not this special green gold shade. Also personally I do not even see Khaki in this as the name implies. I see a more metallic army shade.


That does not take away that this shade is stunning, especially in direct sunlight it looks amazing. What more can I say except 'enjoy the swatches'


As you can see below I dripped some polish on paper and took a picture with flash, it really shows the golden specks in this one.

So what do you think about this shade, will you be 'dumpster diving' in the bargain bins to get it or do you already own this one?
Till next time,


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