It does sound strange, why do something you always wanted but was to scared to do? At times we need to see that the thing that holds us back in life, is mostly our own fear. And I do know how simple it sounds but how hard it is. But the thing is life is to short to wait and we are capable to do so much more then we think......

My fear, my blog?
Looking back at how far I came by just doing what I never dared I am not regretting any steps I took. Starting with blogging, I never saw myself as somebody who could write something interesting or who could take nice pictures. But you know I could just read a lot of blogs and not blog myself but why should I not take the plunge and give it a shot. I do not dream to make blogging my job but I do love doing it everyday. It might sound like a little step to open a blog and pour yourself in every message but when I first started I feared every comment and I dreaded the fact that somebody could say "You suck!" "Stop blogging!" or something like that. But no know, it was worth it because I can not see myself not blogging.  So I am very happy I took that step. So everybody reading this now thinking "I also want to blog" just do it!

My current fear, Insanity
As everybody knows I am trying to loose some weight and get in a good condition. I already have eating healthy under my belt and I have no trouble with that, I work out daily for at least 30 minutes and mostly do Zumba, single workouts or any dance related workout. But if I am honest with myself I really want to do a workout called "Insanity" a 60 day program that as the name implies is 'insane' what is holding my back to try it is the fact that when I first tried one lesson I could not walk for two day because my muscles hurt so bad! But you know I really want to finish the 60 day program. So in the spirit of 'doing what you never dared' this is my challenge and something I am going to do. 

Last times comments on the positive message.
Last time the positive message was be yourself and I got a few comments and I wanted to highlight some parts. Starting with CellaMaassen who wrote a quote that I agree a 100% on "what makes you different makes you unique" so true but something we often forget. Christina from Passion Obsession wrote  "I also get called 'unique' and some people mean it as a compliment, others mean it as an insult, I've learnt to just accept it! " So true, at times we just need to accept that not everybody is going to love your style or apearance and that is okay as long as you wear and you are yourself. Cynthia has a blog called Beautykoning that I read daily because I adore her unique take on make-up and the fact that she is not cookie cutter but just herself. She wrote about the fact that she wears the make-up what she wants and what she likes. And she makes an amazing point about people who comment on something different "Those people are most of the time jealous" and I could not agree more. And last but not least we have Denise from Softruches somebody I talked with a lot and whose blog I also follow. She notes that she wears what she loves and that at times she hears the comment that she looks different. But again I could not do more then agree on the fact that she writes "I wear what I love to wear and that is most important"

It is really amazing to hear other peoples point of view and the fact that most people wear what they love and  do it for themselves is inspiring to hear. As I noted above the Positive Message for this week is "Have the courage to do what you always wanted, but never dared.." and I would love to read in the comments what you are going to do what you never dared.

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