I found this tag on a Dutch blog and decided to translate it for myself. This is the 10 questions tag as you might have guessed it are 10 questions that I am going to answer. Be free to take this tag for yourself and if you do leave me a link to the article in the comments.
Actually I had a different article planned for today but the card I put into my camera broke so I need to buy a new one first before I can take some more pictures for articles, so I reused some older pictures.


1. How long have you been blogging for.
I started to blog at Noire Glitter and that was in January 2012 and I lasted till March 2012. I had fun at Noire Glitter but it didn't have the feel that I wanted for my blog. I decided to start fresh. 25th of march 2013 I decided to blog under my real name and toss a lot of myself into the blog. So yeah, Denna Michelle is almost a year old now and I still feel like a rookie that just started.

2. What was your biggest fashion failure.
Well that is a hard one because I had a lot of fashion failures. Especially when my parents used to dress me, I still can not grasp the fact that they let me go to school in white jeans with underwear that had a bear pattern. Why?  My own fashion failures are not that grand, I have to admit that pink, red and white dreads where not my most fashion forward move, but back then I loved it.

3. What is ontop of your wishlist.
Where to start, I have a very big wishlist that includes a lot of stuff from eBay. I am lusting after a wide collar necklace in silver and gold and some galaxy tights. But also I am wishing for some new coins for my pendant especially some gemstones. And a silver bangle is also high on my wishlist because it is such a classic piece.


4. If you had to pick 3 make-up products to use for the rest of your life what would you pick.
Hard one but if I really had to pick three I would start with Lipstick because I never leave the house without lipstick, also the fact that you can use it as blush makes it a smart pick for me. Next is Eyeliner again it fits my signature look, I always make a winged eyeliner so why not go for eyeliner as my second product. The last one is a hard one, not foundation or powder because my skin is decent now a days, but what should I pick. My last one has to be Eye shadow because it is functional. I can use it to fill my brows, add color to my eyes and even layer it over lipstick for a nice effect.

5. Who is your fashion/beauty-icon
Again a hard question because I have a lot of icons. Fashion wise I am currently really into Kim Kardashian also Rachel Zoe has to be in the list and last but not least I have to pick Kelly Osbourne because I adore her style.
Beauty wise I again have to pick Miss Kardashian because her make-up is always flawless and also Marilyn Monroe has to be in my list and that needs no explanation I think.


6. What is your must have for hair care.
I have to say that I really love conditioner, I am currently using one from the Wella Pro series and I adore it. I really need it to make my hair feel soft and I admit most conditioners smell amazing!

7. What is your biggest dream
I do not have a lot of dreams, I do not dream about being a big famous blogger or somebody who sits in a very high function. My biggest dream is cheesy and cliche. I want to be happy and just live my life in a way I see fit. I want to weight what I want to weight and I want to do what I want to do. Also finding a guy who adores me is high on the list...

8. What is your favorite television show?
Why so many hard questions! I adore RuPauls drag race and if I had to pick one it would be that. I love that it promotes self love and everybody on the show is them self. Also queens are damn fierce!


9. Favorite part of yourself
It is hard to write something about yourself that you love, at least it is hard for me. I love my teeth and lips if I really had to pick one part. My teeth are smaller then most teeth and they are white enough for me.And I do know that it is strange and unusual to pick your teeth seeing the most picked parts are belly, boobs or butt. But I decided to stay away from the 3 B's

10. What achievement are you most proud of.
I have to pick the fact that my blog is almost a year old and that I have 100 follows that read my blog. I never tought somebody would like my blog but everyday I see my blog growing and improving so yes, one of my big achievements is my blog! Ofcoarse I also have personal achievements that I am very proud of like getting my diploma's and excelling at sports. Also not to forget the time that my art got published in a book.

Be free to take this tag for yourself and if you do leave me a link to the article in the comments.
Lots of love and till next time,

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