I wanted to try something new on my blog, a positive message of the week. Something that I learned this week or something that I read online. So no pretty pictures but a few or a lot words of wisdom from me. But I do not want to ramble about it and have no input from my readers. So I would love to ask you my reader to leave a comment with your own opinion about this subject. If I find some gems I will show those in the next Positive Message of the week.

So Be Yourself
I decided to pick this subject because it is close to me. I can not count the many times I heard "Your really yourself, very unique" Some meant it as a complement but also some meant it as an insult. Sometimes I think "Why not follow everybody ells and just try to fit in with the way that I look" but then I need to remind myself that it is okay to be myself.

I am somebody who wears what I love. One day I will be wearing all black and the next day I will be boho chic. Why? Not because I can not pick one style to stick with but because all those styles are beautyful to me. So why change because somebody tell me.

I can count the times that people told me to "Wear less make-up" "Wear more make-up" "Wear more skinny  clothing" "Dress less neat" "Dress more neat" Everybody has a different opinion about what you should wear and what you should look like. But you know in the end you only need to wear something for one person Yourself 

So do tell me in the comments Do you wear what you want and how you want it? Or do you try to be something ells for somebody ells? 

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