Happy Easter to my lovely readers, may you have a great day today. So I know a lot of people are having fun with their families and might not read this blogpost. So I want to give the people who do read this the opportunity to spam your blog or any social media you want but with a twist. Do tell me your Easter plans and then spam your blog...Read more for my Easter-plans


I am sure my fellow online shoppers would agree with me, at times you see that one special piece that you want and would love if you had an occasion to wear it to. So as I am typing this snow flies down to the ground and I am stuck with warm sweaters and thermal tights. So do enjoy the clothing I would wear, if I had the occasion..


People who frequently read my blog might have noticed that I have a love of jewelry, I am always searching for new unique pieces. But what some might now know is that I make a lot of things myself, I make mostly simple things and try to make things that I think are beautiful. This is going to be mostly pretty detail pictures, so grab a cup of tea and enjoy.


If we had to believe Yves Rocher this perfume is a feminine fragrance with a burst of green and fresh head notes that reveal a floral heart of Rose Centifolia, a quality of rose of a hundred petals with a soft, subtle scent. Finally, the woody base with notes of Patchouli and Cedar add a vibrant effect that underscores the elegance of this fragrance. 


Todays article features some jewelry and a scarf that I adore. I recently caught the eBay bug again and went order crazy, so read more to see what I bought and what I am debating to buy.

So recently Catrice renewed their nail polish collection and a lot of my favorites left, ofcoarse we also got a lot of new shades but I do want to show you this one 'Khaki Perry' because I adore the unique color. And perhaps you can find it in the discount bins.


I am currently sitting infront of my computer ofcoarse and when I look to my left I see the sun shining bright trough my window and at an instant I get happy. The sun is shining and it is semi-cold opposed to the snow and cold that hit Holland the als few weeks. It is a reminder that I do not have to wait for long time till I can wear my new Mirror Sunglasses! From eBay....

I debating between skipping today currently or making a short one because I have very little time today and I need to work on tomorrows article. But I decided to post a currently today! So we already have number 4.


If we had to believe it, it is spring! But speaking from where I live spring seems far away. Snow is dwindling down and it is so cold that my leather gloves get a lot of wear. Still I wanted to make an spring inspirational post with a lot of collages. So if your like me and ready for spring, do read more!

While browsing around webshops I came across Applepie Pieces and I directly fell in love with their collection of jewelry. I want two things when I buy jewelry, I want it to be unique and I want to it to be amazing. And I must say most of Applepie Pieces fall in that category and most important of all they also give back by supporting the cause UNICEF.


My mom calls it an addiction I call it a collection. Recently I really fell into 'collecting' coins for my pendants. I also recently fell in love with the brand My iMenso where I wrote about here. As you can see in that article I bought a small pink colored coin but sadly enough it didn't match with my other coins so I decided to get a new coin in similar shades. I actually went to get a pearl but that one did not fit my pendant sadly enough.


Recently an other eBay package fell on my doorstep. I must say the mailman really knows where I live seeing I order far to many things from eBay. Last time I wrote about the fact that I bought haircuffs in Silver and Gold and I must say I am wearing those a lot. I really like the dash of metal it gives to my hairdo. But as much as I did search I could not find a rose gold haircuff. In the end I decided to just order a pair of ribbons


I found this tag on a Dutch blog and decided to translate it for myself. This is the 10 questions tag as you might have guessed it are 10 questions that I am going to answer. Be free to take this tag for yourself and if you do leave me a link to the article in the comments.
Actually I had a different article planned for today but the card I put into my camera broke so I need to buy a new one first before I can take some more pictures for articles, so I reused some older pictures.

Today we have an other Etsy post. Two days ago I wrote about a stunning pair of earrings and today I have a very lovely handmade bracelet. I love unique things and these bracelets are surely unique. Without saying to much I will tell you this. Lydia Wall sells so many designs you will always find something that you love.


It does sound strange, why do something you always wanted but was to scared to do? At times we need to see that the thing that holds us back in life, is mostly our own fear. And I do know how simple it sounds but how hard it is. But the thing is life is to short to wait and we are capable to do so much more then we think......

Browsing Etsy is one of my favorite pastimes. The fact that so much is handmade and can be handmade is baffling. I also love the fact that what you buy from Etsy is not as H&M, not everybody can walk to the store and buy it. You need to find that one shop that has that one unique item that you want. And Joyo surely has items that that I want.  As you can see on the picture above I got myself some Wood Leaf Earrings. 


Today we have a FitFriday. I debated long and hard on the subject what I wanted to write about and suddenly I got it...body image! And most important comparing yourself to others.  Because most girls do it, you open a magazine and you see a model "I wished I could look like her" or when a long legged girls walks passed you "I wished that was me..."

Essence currently released 3 new scents for this month. Like a roller coaster ride, like a jump in the pool and like a million miles away. As you might have guessed from the above image that shows it in big letters, I am showing you today the last one of that list.

I think eBay is the perfect place to get tights for cheap and unique designs. My current eBay wishlist is full of tights or leggings depending on how you would call it. So I decided to share a few of my favorite tights. And perhaps add in some tips.


I love to give monthly an article for bloggers, tumbler or any media user to spam their blog. I love discovering new things to read or view. So do not shy away to leave a link.


Today I have two posts in one day, I got an email from Zalando and I had to share this with you lovely readers. Because I am sure you also love shopping as much as I do. As you might know I am a big fan of Zalando because they have everything! Starting today there is a contest on their site running till the first of April. And they offer a very lovely price to the first and second place winners.

So today I am going to show you my new favorite go to lipstick or pencil or what should we call this. I just call it my-amazing-color-explosion. 

So today a new currently, a bit later then normal because photobucket is not loving me. So I needed to find somewhere ells to upload my pictures. Read more for my currently.

So recently SandPolish seem to be trending, after crackle we still decided that we wanted some texture on our nails. So when I walked into the German drugstore I noticed some SandStyle nailpolish from P2. I have no idea what I could expect but for 1.95 euro I decided to check it out

I can not express clearly how excited I am for this one. I am a very budget bag kind of girl but I decided to get a decent bag for my camera. So recently I walked towards a rather expensive bag store with my goal "A sturdy but pretty bag for my camera" and lady luck was smiling to me because they where having a sale....

I find so many lovely things on eBay so I decided to make a collage of my favorite sunglasses, while my eBay wishlist is many many pages I decided to pick my favorites for you. No boring sunglasses here but Unique and Fun glasses! Also I should mention they are dirty, dirty, dirty cheap.

A few weeks ago I received these earrings as a gift. While my personal mantra is "More is More" I do not own many statement earrings. Why is simple, they do not suit me. But after receiving this doubt started to set in. Do I like them?

As you might know Catrice is renewing their nailpolishes and sadly enough number 780 Welcome to Roosywood is leaving. I wanted to show you guys this polish and give you the tip to get it while it is still being sold. I think this color is stunning, it fits many outfits and styles and also the coverage is great.

The moment it is pink ribbon month a lot of collections bring out the pink ribbon gear and try to make money for a very good cause. This is ofcoarse a great initiative but why only once a year one month? Do you want to do something for Pink Ribbon and take a stand against breast cancer, I have a great tip for you. Something that is sold all year round.

I wanted to try something new on my blog, a positive message of the week. Something that I learned this week or something that I read online. So no pretty pictures but a few or a lot words of wisdom from me. But I do not want to ramble about it and have no input from my readers. So I would love to ask you my reader to leave a comment with your own opinion about this subject. If I find some gems I will show those in the next Positive Message of the week.

Today is one of those Lazy Saturdays where you roll out of bed and think "What should I do?" Why not make it a lazy Saturday with some fun, adorable or funny YouTube videos. I listed a few that I think are great and it would be fun if you left a link in the comments to your current funniest YouTube video. This article does not contain many words but a few nice videos. So enjoy watching
Today a more fashion related article, what I wore today. I always mix and match what I would like to wear the day before. For today I decided to take some pictures off what I was going to wear. It is a simple outfit with a knit sweater and some rose gold and silver accents.

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