I was doing my favorite pastime browsing jewelry web shops and I came across Time For Watching. I adore this web shop because it carries many of my favorite brands. With the 14th of February coming fast I decided to make an article about the beautiful and mostly romantic jewelry this shop carries. So if you are sure your guy does not have a gift yet shame on him You can subtle hint what kind of jewelry you would love. So I hope this article will give you some inspiration and most of all for all the guys reading "You can never go wrong with jewelry" and Time for Watching

Mi Moneda
Mi Moneda coins are perfect if you already own a coin holder, the coins do not break the bank and they fit with almost every outfit. I love that every coin comes in Gold, Silver and Rose gold. Below I made a selection of my favorite 'love' coins but there are many more coins 

Amor vincit omnia
This coin is the one I really adore, the typography is great and it does not scream look at me! So if you want this from your man you just need to drop the subtle hint "Have you seen this beautiful saying?" when showing the site and coin. And when he ask you what it means you can say "Love Conquers All, that is fitting for us right?" I prefer this one is Rose gold but you also have the option gold and silver of coarse.

All I am I owe to you
This coin is beautiful on both sides, I normally only prefer one side but this one has beautiful elements on both sides. The rose heart is really well made and detailed and the text has a pretty front. As you might have noticed from the above image I prefer the gold and silver in the heart version and the text in rose gold.

Will you be my valentine
This coin is really nice to get as a surprise, so males who are reading this:  Get your girl this, to make her really really happy. But jokes aside this coin is the special valentines coin,  it features "Will you be my valentine" on one side and a Chinese sign for 'love' on the other side. Again I showed my preference with the rose gold and gold showing the Chinese sign and the silver featuring this text.

Dji Dji Italia
I am a big fan of Dji Dji Italia for more then one reason. The jewelry has small prices and big prices, some pieces are a tad more expensive but they have a lot that is really soft priced for what you get in return. Also they feature like Mi Moneda the jewelry in rose gold, silver and gold. Dji Dji has a lot of styles that you can check out here.

The one sign that I think of beside a heart is an infinity sign. Nothing is more romantic for me then the promise of being together till infinity. Dji Dji Italia has made an bracelet that features this infinity sign. I love how they made the combination with silver in both bracelets I think the Silver-Gold and Silver-Rose look great together. What I also love about this bracelet is that it is dainty, it is not big and in your face but dainty and cute, I am sure it will fit many styles. Also I should mention the best part "It is only 30 euro for sterling silver bracelet with gold plating" I think this is one of my favorite pieces!

A classic heart
Nothing says love like a heart. Dji Dji has a whole lot of hearts in many sizes, my favorite one is the large heart. That you can get in gold rose and of coarse silver. It is a simple heart without much 'drama' and it is something that I can see being worn on a thin necklace but also on a nice bracelet. My favorite has to be the gold one, I can see it being engraved with the name of your lover.

I love U
This one is a bit more playful then giving your heart or promising that you will be together till infinity. These three charms are very nicely designed with their charms all having a different length chain. I really can not pick a favorite and yes again these are in goldrose gold and silver

Heart to get
This brand was not known in my books but since discovery it led to be a favorite. They are very dainty and adorable and so many styles that you are sure to find at least one thing that you like or like me find a lot of lovely things

As I said before, hearts are really a signature for the V-day. My eye fell on a Big rose colored heart and a double small gold heart necklace. Both have something really lovelies about them. If I really had to pick I would go for the "Two become one" because I prefer that message over "You never walk alone" But both would be great to get as a gift from a loved one. The double small hearts one is also in rose gold

All you need is love
I listed mostly necklaces and charms so far but also a bracelet is very lovely. The two above bracelets are especially beautiful because it does not feature a sign for love but the word itself. Again this is very dainty and will fit so many outfits. You can wear it alone or together with other bracelets or a watch. I really prefer the  rose but there is also a gold version.

So what is your favorite piece of jewelry from Time for Watching?  

Till next time,

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