I already wrote about Time for Watching a few days ago and their lovely valentines jewelry. For people who still remember that article I wrong about the Everlasting Love bracelet from Dji Dji. Today I am going to show you this lovely bracelet that I got in gold.

Shipping and handling
Let me start with the way this bracelet was packaged. Above you can see the little velvet envelope bag that held my bracelet. The bag with a little note was wrapped in crepe paper and put into an bubble wrap envelope. So two thumbs up for great wrapping.
I actually mailed with one of the two lovely ladies that run this web shop and they reply really fast and answered all my questions. You can see that Time for Watching is a web shop that is good put together and runs smoothly. Also I love to read their blog  to be honest. But this article is about the bracelet right!

The bracelet
As you can see I have this bracelet in gold  but you can also get it in rose. Both bracelets are 29.00 euro what I think is decent for a sterling silver bracelet with a gold plated infinity charm. Also as I said before you get this in a little velvet envelope and as you can see it comes on a card that reads "Everlasting Love, I love you today. I'll love you tomorrow, I will love forever." I would be touched to tears if I got this from a loved one, I think the message is really cute.

The bracelet itself is dainty and thin, this is something that does not grab attention but when seen you really see how unique it is. The infinity sign stands ofcoarse  for forever. And that charm is held together but silver chains that seem to be looped round it, I really love this design idea because normally they would use jump rings but this looks far more special, it really shows an eye to detail. And talking about those details on the end of the chain there is a gold ball this ties in the gold of the infinity sign, to end it detail wise you have a small round charm hanging on the end of one side that says DjiDji on one side and has a silver mark on the other.

I often type words as dainty and thin. But it surely is long enough to fit many wrists, the bracelet itself is 12cm long and has a 2cm extra to make it even bigger. While normally I would cure and scream at the bracelet for being so thin that you can not close it this bracelet actually is easy to put on because the lock is held easy and the chain has big enough space to close it.

I personally think this bracelet looks fine on its own. This on one arm and a big statement watch on the other but I also can see this being worn for a casual outfit. Just a pair of jeans and a tee, with this bracelet beeing surrounded with many colorful thin braided bracelets. Perfect for summer!

Many stories could be written about this lovely bracelet but I think it is just taste, I know a lot of girls will love this one in Gold and Silver like me or Gold and Rose. But if you are thinking that this is not your style I would advice you check out the webshop because the have a lot of lovely brands like Buddha to Buddha DKNY Fossil and much more 

So everybody do tell me, did you receive some valentines jewelry or do you have your eye on my bracelet? Do you love or hate the infinity trend?
Leave me a comment!

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