Slowly I am seeing more and more sheer panels and this might become a trend. Ever since the Dior 2013 catwalk I wondered about these paneled dresses and if they could be translated toward every day fashion?

As I said this sheer panel is from the Christian Dior runway and this yellow dress looks stunning. Atleast from the front it looks great, Marion Cotillard seems to be rocking this little number but when watching her turn I turn from love to hate this backside almost had her backside hanging out. But seeing I do not walk the red carpet this is not suited for everyday wear.

Jennifer Lawrence also recently rocked a Dior dress with the same structure as the above yellow dress. It had a sheer panel but that panel did not show. But when she stood up to receive her award it did show a lot! I actually did not think this dress was special stunning or anything ells when I saw it on the runway and red carpet. But the moment I saw the most left picture I fell in love the the sheer panel. If the upper part was a bit longer, then a panel and then the rest off the skirt then I would have really loved it.

H&M also has a sheer panel item in their collection. This cute shirt is currently only 5 euro and fits many styles. It has the same idea as the panel dresses, it adds some sheer without being to much. But I decided to keep searching for more sheer paneled items and most important a skirt or dress. Lucky! I found both

Asos almost never fails me and this dress is very lovely. It has such a beautyful detail and the fact that it is a little black dress makes it even better. It looks classy and not trashy but most important you have nothing hanging out when wearing this dress. But I saved best for last.

What can I say, this is a skirt that you will love or hate. I do think it looks great with the faux leather and mesh. It has a biker chic look about it. Do I like how it is styled on the model? No. not really. I do think it is a lovely skirt and I would love to own it in a lot of colors. Sadly enough it only comes in black.

So what do you think? Want to go sheer?
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