Some time ago I wrote about Taylor made flasks and I talked about all her lovely flasks. Some time ago I recieved a very lovely package from this lovely etsy shop. Want to know what I think?

Shipping and contact
Lets start with the fact that Taylor made flasks is one of those shops that really have good customer care. I asked a few things and I directly got an answer back within the appropriate time. So really props for that, I love shops that take care of their costumers.
The shipping from Albuquerque till Holland took some time as expected but I have to say it came perfectly in once piece on my doorstep. The envelope was one of those bubble wrap envelopes that took care of my flask. But that was not everything, the flask itself was also packaged in some bubble wrap for some extra protection. Double thumbs up for great shipping!

The flask
The flask itself is very sturdy but not heavy. It can stand empty without wobbeling and lays very good in in my hand. It also has a slightly curved back that would be perfect for when you shove it in your garterbelt and get ready to party!

The texture on this flask is top notch, for an handmade item it looks really professional. When you run your finger of the flask you feel texture but it is not annoying, it is rather smooth. Also the details are great, at first I tough there where only rhinestones as letter but it actually has a silver glitter base. Everything seems to be really sturdy on the flask and I tried but it is not coming off.

Lets get our own flask! 
The flask is in two versions available we have the glitter version without the letter but also my version with the letter of your choice. Without a letter it is 22 dollar and with it is 24 dollar. Both very reasonable priced for a handmade flask.

Also if you buy this flask you will get some instructions and a funnel to fill it. Also when buying your flask you get it packed in some clear plastic with a matching ribbon. It is perfect to give as a gift to your friends, loved ones or yourself.

I love my Taylor made Flask and I am sure I will use it a lot. But for now it is perfect decoration on my table. 
Also check out Taylor made flask on facebook

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