I actually see these tags a lot and I adore reading them. I love going trough other peoples closets and shoe racks just to see what their stuff looks like. I decided to grab everything in my bag and take pictures from it. I do not have a daily bag that I use, I switch it up so no bag on the pictures just what is in it. Read more...

Gloves & Music
Let me start with my travel essentials. We have my black fingerless gloves that I studded myself. My gloves can also be viewed in this article. I got these gloves at the euro shop if I am correct. They give my hands the little warmth that I need but most important, they look cute! Ontop of my gloves we have my purple mp3 player and paris bag from ebay. But very needed when taking the buss for traveling. I always break my music player so I am very happy that this one is still intact. Also a shout-out to Sony for making the best ear buds every, these white beautiful ear buds have been going for a few years now. 

Backup glasses and sunglasses
Also very much needed in real life. I normally do not wear my glasses because I do not 'really really' need them. I use them for reading far away things and when I am driving my car. I have a pair of glasses from Karin Millen that I use daily to watch television but those glasses are somewhere on a table upstairs so instead of tossing the glasses around I decided to toss the glasses you see on the left into my bag. They are brandless and very 'nerd' chick. I love how they match every outfit and look amazing. On the right we have my aviator sunglasses and only prescription sunglasses I own. These are from Spijker & Spijker and I adore to wear these, I can not wait till summer! Although I do have my eye on some more boxy models.

Water, preferred with some syrup.
I almost never leave without my bottle of water, I think drinking water is very important and I log around a bottle everyday. I also like to add some flavor to my water with some syrup. For the dutch people reading this I use "Slimpie" it is a syrup without sugar or something bad added it to it, so very healthy

Wallet and Cardholder
These are very much needed in daily life. On the left we have my card wallet from eBay, with some lovely motivation. How cute is it! I have a lot of cards in it from many shops and some business cards of stores I worked together with. I still need to make my own cards. Next to it we have a big wallet with a beautiful pleat design. This of coarse holds my money, my identification and drivers licence.

Little bag
Then because I do not like to have a lot of junk floating in my bag I decided to chuck all the little stuff into this coinbag. I once got this as a gift so I assume it is a fake one, I am lusting for a real LV coinbag, but maybe one day.

Inside I have a wide selection of 'junk' Going from left to right. A SD card, that I use to store data on, normally I have a USB stick but that one is full and in use so I am still shopping for a new one to store my on the go data on. The purple thing in the plastic container is my nail file, it really comes in handy when a nail breaks. Then we of coarse have two packs of gum, both very minty and fresh. The black tube is a lip balm from doctor fish, this is actually my holy grail of lip care because it makes my lips soft and heals chapped lips like a charm. I always have this one with me and I bought a few backups. Then we have my key and the stuff hanging from it. My key is green with a cat on it, I accually wanted a pink glitter key but they where not selling those anymore so I got the next best thing. Hanging from it we have a solar powered lamp [the black thing] my little pink bird whistle [that can be hung in a birdhouse] and my most loved charm...a piece of stone from a high high mountain. On vacation we saw a lot of mountains and you could climb them, to be fair I did not take the few hour hike up but I took the little train and then hiked the last way up, what took me an hour or two. In the end I noticed they where selling those key chains with stones found in the mountain and I decided it was the perfect souvenir. And last but not least we have a perfume bottle shaped as a globe, I like the smell but most important I like the size. The small bottle is perfect for having in your bag.

Last but not least we have my favorite thing in the world, well one of them. Electronics! Ontop we have my phone and right hand a Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with a black cat cover from eBay. I adore my phone because it is perfect for checking emails and of coarse calling people and sending out a lot of texts. Under my phone we have a PlayStation Portable, I have been a PlayStation fan since I was young so I really needed to buy a portable when it came out. I decided on buying a white one because they did not have pink, I prefer to have my consoles in girly colors, something my guy friends mind when borrowing my consoles. I added a purple metallic cover to prevent it getting scratched up. I do have it in a cover but I did not get pictures of that. The game I am currently playing is Fate Extra, it is a nice game with a good story line  Under that we have my Nintendo DS Lite, of coarse I needed to own it in pink. This one gets a lot of playtime and I love so many games of this console. I am currently playing Harvest Moon Boy & Girl what is a pretty fun game when you are bored. It gives you your own farm to take care off, so rather fun when you are bored. Under that we have my tablet. Very hard to see because I kept it in the cover. It is a white Creative Zen Ziio 7 that I got from my dad. Ideal I would have preferred and Ebook reader but this tablet can double as Ebook reader. I am currently using it to read photography magazines and the first Pretty Little Liar book.

So this is what I carry round every time I get out of the door. I know it is a lot but very needed.
Do tell me what are your "must have bag items?' 
Till next time,

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