I personally am staying away from valentines day this year because I am forever alone excuse the use of meme here but I tough it was fitting. But instead of wallowing alone behind my computer I decided to search for some valentine gifts that my lovely readers might want to ask from their partners. Or if you are a like me, alone? Then their is no reason why you should not spoil yourself with some shiny stuff from Swarovski.

Is is the only jewelry by Swarovski where I think "It is cute but not my style" It is a tad different with the large red hearts and not really my style. But I know a lot of girls will love this set. The Serenade Pierced Earrings and the Serenade Ring. Do make a perfect set together.

Lately I am lusting for bracelets and these two are amazing! Let me start with the left one the Heart Charm Set, Limited Online Edition I love the rope bracelet and the heart that holds the charms. This one features to charms, I am not a real fan of the 1 but I assume it means that you are his only girlfriend. Number one! The right one I need in my life. Slake Square Crystal Bracelet this bracelet is perfect for summer. It is cool yet chic. It is classy but fashiony. And yes I made the last word up. I really adore this one, while it might not scream valentines day it does scream everyday wear. This would look really cute next to a watch.

Last one is my favorite hands down the winner of the collection. The Nirvana Petite Rosaline Ring is pretty in pink. The shape it amazing and the color even better. I am sure this will spice up every outfit. Now I just need to find a man who will slip this on my finger.

So what are your V-day wishes? 

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