We all know that bullying is wrong but then again there are always times that bullying happens. Today I want to share my story and hopefully inspire some others to take a stand against bullying. And remember that You are good no matter what others tell you.

Why did I write this
I debated long and hard on this subject, did I want to write about this or not but most important what should I write! I decided to write this because lately a lot of deaths are in the news because of bullying. So many people ending their lives because somebody told them they are not good enough. Recently I walked into a store and found a bracelet for sale. Now two dutch girls decided to start a campaign with those green bands I show in my post You are good is their slogan and they have bracelet that reminds us that bullying is not okay and make us remember to take a stand against it.

My story
I do not want to write a long sob story about how I was bullied when I was younger but I do want to write what I did against it and show you a different point of view. Because you can do something again bullying. Now when we go way back in time we start at the period when I was in high school. I was not the popular kid and I stood out, why? Simply because I had a little more meat on my bones and I did not adore what they popular kids loved. Also I was the complete opposite as I am now, I was shy and scared. And to every shy person reading this now "It is okay to be shy!" being shy or more silent does not define how much you are worth. I see that now but back then I felt like the bottom of the barrel, I felt like nothing the silent fat kid. There where one event that make me smile thinking back.

My friends pushed my confidence to a level that I decided to take a stand against two guys who bullied me. It was one day that I took my bike home and they followed me. Two guys a head bigger then me chased after me. I could easy outrun them on my bike and flee like I always did. But something clicked in my head and I tossed my bike in the bushes. Because a bully does want to see you flee and fear was something that was a big turn on. And I assume now a days still is for the people who bully. I waiting till they where close to me, I can still hear one laugh as they saw me, but truth be told I didn't care. I kicked one off his bike and the other I slapped. I can not even remember where I hit him but I remember using all my force. Then I took my bike and went away.

Do not get me wrong I do not promote violence  But somehow that little act stunned them and they did not go after me. Not that day not ever. The name calling stopped and I was just an other sheep in the big herd that was my school. So the mortal of this long story can be said really short with a few words Stand up for yourself and do not wait till prince charming comes to save you. 

But truth be told I am already 23 and I did see the other side of the spectrum. Do not get me wrong I was not a bully but I used to be friends with people who bullied others. I heard girls calling other girls fat and dissing their clothing and appearance  No matter how old you are some people still do that and they do not even know it. I once called somebody out on it when I was standing next to them "Why call a girl fat, while I am standing next to you not being thin. Why judge somebody you do not know" The answer was shockingly honest "It is fun" No it is the reason why I was not friends anymore with those people, why bully for fun. Even when you never ever been bullied or even when you have been, saying it is fun to put other people down is not okay. Not now and not ever.

Some people can live after being bullied but others have it haunt their lives every day just because a spineless person had an opinion about you. Somebody you might have met a  365 days.
So do not bully, take a stand against bullying and help somebody ells and stand up for yourself! You are good 

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