When walking in the DM [German drugstore] I noticed a very glittery bottle. It was from the same collection as my Holo Topcoat so I decided to grab this one up. For only 1.75 euro I have 11 ml of glitter. I admit I am attracted to glittery things, so I needed to buy this. Want to see a swatch?

On Catrice Pimp my Shrimp.
I decided to use it on a bright nail polish to see its full effect very clearly. I can see this polish being used on a blue or silver base for a real pow! I decided to put on a few glitters on the left side and a lot of glitters on the right side. The polish is accually very simple, just a lot of small silver glitters and some big hexagons. P2 speaks of a glamour look that you can create with this polish named Lets dance! Personally it does not make me jump out of my chain and makes me dance very similar to Gangnam Style. This one is more suited for a playful some look.

Applying it
I did want to note that with these kind of polishes you should go for the 'dot' way instead of the 'paint' way. When you do it like you would normally paint your nails you swoosh all the glitters to one side. So you need to put it on with a dotting motion to get an even distribution of polish.

I do think this looks cute in the bottle and it does give a fun effect. Do I love it more then I would do any glitter topcoat, no. But for the price I do like it.
Till next time and do leave me a comment telling me your favorite glitter polish

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