If there is one make-up product that I really love it is the Catrice lipsticks that I own. Always great quality for your buck and in so many colors that you will always find something that suits you. So today I am going to show you the 8 colors that I own. I really prefer a good lipstick over a gloss.

The LS
I adore lipstick, even without any make-up and time I still need to put something on without rushing trough the door. I featured a few on my blog of these but not all if I am correct.
What I adore of the Catrice lipsticks is that they only cost round 4 euro's and give a lot of bang for your buck. In sleek metal cases with the color on the bottom it looks far more expensive then that it is. What I adore about the sticker on the bottom is that you can up these the wrong way up and directly see what colors you have. I prefer to stay without the pinkish and red tones but I do have a nude and lilac one.

Ultimate colour
I adore the ultimate colour over the ultimate shine. I love the sleek black lipsticks and the pretty lipsticks inside. I have four lipsticks of this collection but I am eyeing a lot more. From front to back we have 120 call the ambulance, 210 Pinkadily circus, 140 Pinker-bell and 200 more is more. Also I adore the names that Catrices gives these lipsticks. Also above I linked the lipsticks to the original articles.

What I also love about these lipsticks is how well they photograph. They look really good on pictures. As you can see some like call the ambulance has been longer in my collection and used more and more is more and pinkadily circus are still rather new.

As said these give a lot of pigment and color as you can see they are rather similar. The red shades are perfect for a darker eye and I really like the pinks with a nude eye. Also the pinks will get a lot of use in the summer.

LE & Ultimate shine
What I love more then the ultimate colors is a good Limited edition. Why do I prefer these? Simply because they look visually very very good. They often have a unique design on the cap and most of the times have atleast one color that I adore. As you can see the limited editions have been used a lot more. Also I included the lilac color from the ultimate shine collection, not one of my favorite colors but decent enough.

Going from from to back we have my only nude color C04 The Nude Scene from the Hollywood Fabulous 40's. This one has a minimalistic flower on the cap. This one is used a lot lately because I love to pair it with an colorful eye. Also the nude with a little gloss ontop reminds me of Kim Kardashian. Next to the Nude scene we have a little stump of lipstick left. From the urban Baroque collection I have C03 Victoria. This one was my first limited edition and one of my first lipsticks. It gives a slightly darker tone and matches so many outfits and looks. Next to that we have my only ultimate shine called 180 Meet Violeta  I really fell in love with the idea of lilac lips but sadly enough I still not have found the perfect shiny pigmented lilac lipstick, till that time this color has to do.  Last but not least we have C01 Catrice Color bomb from the Revoltaire collection. This shade is my most viewed on my blog, it somehow got on a 'Spanish' forum and went viral. It was only of my first articles and I personally still think the pictures are damn pretty. The editing could have been better but that is nitpicking. Also I adore this lipstick because it is matte  I recently saw that Catrice added more matte shades in the collection so I surely have my eye on that.

As you can see most of these shades are really wearable for daily life.

So this was my Catrice stash. My semi-holy grail post.
What brand and product is your favorite?
Till next time,

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