I normally do not post my make-up looks but I was so happy with my 'carnaval' make-up I decided to snap some pictures. For the people that do not know, in Holland we celebrate Carnaval. We dress up and have big parades where they toss candy at you. I adore to go and look at the costumes and get inspiration  This year I decided to semi-dressup as a superhero. You can see my mask and my pale purple hair, that I sprayed in a mowhawk.

What did I use
I wanted a bright eye with purple for my hair and blue & pink to match my mask. No super hero can go wrong with a winged liner so I also added that. My make-up is fairly simple, all the eyeshadow is applied without a base and straight from my 120 palette from eBay. I picked two shades of bright blue, one purple and below my eyes are to bright shades of pink. Very easy but the effect is pow worthy.

What more
I had a lot of fun with applying a very thick layer of foundation and using a lot of powder. It created a semi frozen face and I used blue and purple eye shadow on my cheeks as a light accent.

My mask
I had this one for a while now, I once bought it at Bruna [dutch book store] for a few euro. I normally use the mask as decoration on my wall but I decided that my outfit really needed a mask. You can never go wrong with a mask.

I had fun
I had a load of fun, I was wearing a bright red lipstick on my lips and a guy saw me and walked towards his parade wagon and got something for me. He pressed an lipstick in my hand with the words "So you can fix your make-up later" It was really amusing and later a friend of his followed with two bottles perfume. I would love to feature the perfume on my blog but I have no idea what kind of brand it is. Perhaps I will show it in my next life in pictures.

So what do you think of my make-up and these colors together?
Sadly enough I didn't think of taking a full body outfit picture. 
Till the next time lots of love, 

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