Who can read Dutch already knows what this blogpost is about because MijnNaamKetting is Dutch for My Name Necklace a store who sells surprise name necklaces. But they sell more then that their collection also has bracelets and rings. They have a lot of styles and keep adding new products. I received a stunning necklace for review...So read more!

The package
It took 5 days [including the weekend] to get to my doorstep what I think is amazing because we had a small holiday in between. I had to sign for it what I think is a plus because you never know where your package might end up. The box you see above came in a bubble envelope for double protection so props for good packaging because the necklace was in mint condition, now let me show you the necklace I picked from MijnNaamKetting

Carrie in gold
The Carrie necklaces are on their top sold list and who can blame them it is a stunning necklace. You might reconize this necklace from sex and the city. You can get this style in silver or like me 18K gold. You can pick between a lot of necklace lengths I decided to pick 50cm or 20inch myself so it would hang a bit lower then normal. I used an necklace I already owned to measure it so the necklace would just hit above my shirt.

As you can see I picked "Denna" my first name to be forever in gold round my neck. Now I can understand that you do not want to advertise your own name to the world but there are so many options. You can wear the name of your loved one, your pet, your child or just pick a word that is significant to you. Words like dream, wish and love are great options in my eyes. Or pick what my mother advised me to get "DramaQueen" Also they have Monogram jewelry that shows off some letters without being to revealing about your name. I love how classy these look.

But jokes aside this is actually my second name necklace, I have an other one with my name in silver that I had for ages now but almost never wear. The main reason being that the name is so thin that I am scared that it will snap. MijnNaamKetting has made me very very very happy when I got this necklace because it is far more sturdy then my old one. The name is a bit thicker then you would expect and the rings hold the necklace very firm. No fear of wearing this one!

An other thing that I adore about this necklace is the simple fact that they added by what it seems engraving a little curve between the D and e that shows the letter D completely. Also the little curl on the end adds a bit of whimsical to it.The necklace with my five letters is almost as long as my pinkie, what in my opinion is a good size. It is cute but not attention grabbing. People do not have to zoom in to read it thank god but it is not like you can read it from across the street. Of coarse the longer the name longer the necklace, MijnNaamKetting gives the advice for words longer then 9 letter that you should get the extra thick necklace. 

The necklaces comes with a box-chain that is dainty and thin and gives of a shimmer that I really like. They also offer the option to get it with a figarro chain but personally I prefer the box-chain. But I can see the bigger chain work with more playful words opposed to names.
What more can I say about this necklace next to the fact that I really love this one. I am going to rock it out with many outfits. I can see this being worn alone but also with some long beaded chains. Also I must admit that I am a big fan of everything that has my name, having a name that is not used that much it is hard to find stuff having your name. Maybe that is why I adore these kind of shops.

As I said in the intro MijnNaamKetting has a lot of different jewelry all personalized.With today being valentines day I have to point out the couples heart puzzle and  double name necklaces and ofcoarse on a day like today I can not forget the 18K love keychain but there is enough choice for everybody so really I have to say Do take a look

So what do you think about MijnNaamKetting? Have you ordered from them before and what item is on your wishlist?
Also because of this valentines day I can offer my lovely readers a 10% discount with the code "DENNA" 

Lots of love and happy V-day

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